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UN quickly ignores the murder of innocent civilians when the deaths don't benefit their agenda

As Syrian media is reporting the capture of military officers from foreign nations in Aleppo, the city which has a heavy presence of the Western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorist organization, the Secretary General of the United Nations is refusing to condemn the kidnapping of Iranian pilgrims in Syria.

This just highlights how laughable the United Nations is as an organization. When it suits them, they are suddenly champions of humanitarianism and human rights, just as the United States is.

Then, suddenly, when the position no longer benefits them, they quickly ignore the murder of innocent civilians at the hands of Syrian rebels. Indeed, unconfirmed reports have stated that three of the 48 Iranian pilgrims kidnapped by rebels have been killed, something which the UN doesn’t seem to care about all that much.

Keep in mind, these are the same rebels who recently carried out what is almost certainly a war crime by slaughtering detained Syrian policemen, to just name one incident.

The reports of the capture of several military officers from Saudi Arabia and Turkey have been relatively few and far between including SINA, Voice of Russia, and Press TV. Unsurprisingly, the Western mainstream media hasn’t been quick to jump on the story.


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Nothing laughable about the UN.

The UN is the largest, wealthiest, most sophisticatedly armed terrorist organisation on the face of the planet.
The UN can over ride congress, senates, governments, and parliaments. The UN and it's unseen, unknown, unelected planners are the puppet masters for nearly every western government, and are breaking, bribing or bombing those that will not bow to it.
The UN is the bastard child of the deeply corrupt League of Nations,which in turn sprang from the murky politics of Zionism.
The UN is a political force to be feared.