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On Whether to Vote For Romney or Not

I do not know how many people there may be that have not decided how they will vote should Ron Paul's name not appear on their respective state's ballot this November. Perhaps because I am a recently "converted" Ron Paul supporter this decision has been harder for me than the long-time supporters.

But for those who have not decided I have a suggestion. Do we want to act in such a manner as to help more freedoms being taken away from us? Of course not. We all aim to see liberty restored in this nation. But would a second Obama term necessarily set us back? Even with a Democratic President in office, a conservative Congress and Senate could keep things in balance. It would also keep people awake in both parties and increase the chance of a Liberty President next time around.

We have already seen the R3VOLution take hold at the local and even state levels. Liberty minded candidates are winning State representative and local positions. Eventually governors are going to be in support of the revolution. We're even winning national Representatives already. Ted Cruz, although not 100% Ron Paul is expected to win his election. I have heard of other names likely or possible to win in November.

A second Obama term might not mean a loss of liberty during that same time. Many states are refusing to set up healthcare exchanges.

Anyhow, just some thoughts. I'm not completely ready to announce my decision myself, either. Sound logic? Am I off my rocker? Let me know what you think.

NOTE: I might have not been clear about my suggestion, gauging from the current # of negative votes. I'm suggesting that it's ok to vote 3rd party, write-in, or abstain from voting ONLY on the presidential ballot, and only in the event that Ron Paul's name is not on said ballot. I am not advocating a Romney nor Obama vote. Now if that's what you thought I meant then feel free to keep voting this thread down, but I'm actually saying that I don't think I could stomach voting for Romney if his name is on the ballot.

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Bush2 also ran antiwar, but gave us more illegal wars.

He also gave us the Patriot Act. Why are the republicans better than the democrats? None of what you are saying makes much sense to me. Both parties lie, and both are one in the same. There are no differences between them when it comes to illegal wars and big government. The rest is meaningless window-dressing. Romney is already owned by the bankers,like Obama was owned by the bankers at this same point 4 years ago. The same owners control governments in the same way, ruthlessly. Knowing that, how do you justify supporting one kind of political party tyranny over another?

Ron Paul Republicans

The are the only thing making a real political difference and worth the vote. They are the only thing seperating the Rs from the Ds. They didn't exist before this election as a force to be reconned with, but they have arrived, and why I'm voting REPUBLICAN. I'm voting for them.

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And the GOP is trying hard to make those RP repubs extinct!

Those Ron Paul republicans grow fewer in number everyday as the republican GOP attempts to whittle them down into either oblivion or to Romney-bots who will "take one for the team" and vote for Romney in Tampa. Nice ruthless party. Doesn't it feel nice to be a republican?....so warm and fussy inside. The dems would be doing exactly the same thing had Ron Paul been a democrat.

Where did you get that mis-information?

My committee is now matched 5 Ron Paul Republicans to 5 assorted Republicans. We are growing in the GOP.

Rand Paul was just handed a speaking committement which VALIDATES Ron paul Republicans with our committees. We have arrived, and they have to accept us because the RNC gave Rand a coveted speaking time.



If you heard it from MSM it's a LIE.

I'm telling you from first hand experience.

MSM had me hating and fearing the GOP, I went and found out MSM LIES!!!!

I no longer believe what they say about the GOP, why should you? All these posts about MSM being lies, and yet, you still buy them.

YES, It's AWESOME being a RON PAUL REPUBLICAN.. You bet it's warm and a damn good fight I'm glad I'm in.

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Is this story a lie?...false information?

Ben Swann Maine Delegate Story Update - 08/07/2012

Yes, it has mis-information from the beginning

They are not telling you that it's the Maine Central committee, but telling you that it is the RNC. That is incorrect.

The 20 delegates and the alternates were not credentialed by the Mains State Central Committee.

Matt McDonald tells you it's from the state, and explains that the state, is petitioning the RNC.

The delegates represent THE MAINE CENTRAL COMMITTEE, so they ask everyone to sign what committee members sign. You don't sign, you're OUT.

Swann calls the disenfrancied delegates, "Maine body" (or is that Main Body?), that is not correct. The Maine (or main) body are the qualified, duly elected, credentialed, vetted and signed to constitution, loyalty of GOP and a 470.. standard, Maine Central Committee Members.

Ben is making links where the do not exist, blaming Romney.

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You should inform Michael that he is publishing lies on the DP.

I had no idea. Let Michael know that he should not be publishing misinformation. That is my recommendation.

Both parties ARE one in the same.

You are 100% correct. There is NO way on this earth to justify voting one party over the other if the candidate(s) has not been fully and honestly vetted. To believe otherwise, and support a party without vetting the person running, is playing directly into the hands of the PTB.

PTB have tremendous financial resources and an extremely deep understanding of how to take over government. They have had success.

We are taking our nation back.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

How are we taking our nation back according to your plan?

Since your plan is NOT Ron Paul's plan, what is your plan?

I've seen your link, we have discussed your link, and we do not agree.

The vetting of presidential candidates, FOR BOTH PARTIES, is being done by tptb.


That is HOW and WHY each of us are taking our Nation back.

We are not standing on soap boxes shouting Ron Paul any more. We are not begging others who are credentialed seated, delegates, committee memeber and officer holders to do our job.



I'll start. What if you have

I'll start. What if you have run for delegate, done all the hard work that entails, learned Roberts Rules, spent all the money, took all that time, and then honorably and duly won your spot as Ron Paul delegate, would you vote for a person who was stealing your spot and giving it to a Romney delegate? If Romney will steal your duly won delegate spots, then why wouldn't he do much worse?

Next person.


That's a good point about loyalty. Let's pretend we were playing a sport for a moment. If you had fought very hard for your team in a game of soccer, and you were down by 1 with 2 minutes left in the game, would you suddenly start playing for your opponent at the last minute in order to be on the winning team?

And, if the "winning" team was actually a cheating team, would you want to be a part of it? Not that I'm pronouncing defeat, however.

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I can tell you have not read

I can tell you have not read the first Chapter of Ron Paul Revolution book. We aren't on the same team as the Republicans or the Democrats. Every time Americans vote for change, nothing happens. The parties are the same. The TEAM IS THE SAME.

Fact of the matter is, we're just getting started kicking most of the Republicans off the team. I'm working on kicking Democrats off the team. Fire them all.

Voting for evil over evil just begets more evil

I'm with you.

You are correct that I have not read that. I didn't know of a Ron Paul Revolution book (are you talking about the one called Ron Paul: The Man and the Revolution He Inspired or some similar title?)

But I didn't mean to indicate I was on the Rep or Dem team. I'm on the Ron Paul Liberty team, and I'm saying I don't plan to "change teams" just because it looks like one of the others might win. I'm with you - I think we are trying to say the same thing.

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