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Latest polls out today are very bad for Romney

and show Romney continuing to slip slide in the polls.
All except Colorado are negative for Romney.
Nate Silver has moved his odds to Obama 72% Romney 28% yesterday (before these polls came out).

We all know that Rasmussen reports Republicans 3 to 5 pts higher, simply because they poll more Republicans than warranted.
They then move back to realistic proportions near the elections to try and pretend they are accurate.
Rasmussen are Republicans shills. PPP are Democrat shills.

North Carolina (Obama will win this state' Looks like expected turn to Obama is starting.)


Virginia moving away

Wisconsin (already out of reach?)

National (Reuters/Ipsos this one is REALLY sick for Romney - WOW Obama +7. A foretaste of things to come?)

Obama is preparing attack ads for the Romney/Ryan budget plan which is absolutely insane.
Obama will concentrate on attacking cuts for those over $200k and increases for those under $200k.
But get past the Dem rhetoric and this tax plan is the EXACT opposite of what is required to grow the economy.

Romney is becoming a laughing stock.
Are the delegates going to be conned into voting for the loser DEMOCRAT Romney.
Or will they pick a Republican fiscal conservative winner?

Romney will get a v brief bump from naming his VP and then slip back to where he is before it and then continue slipping further.
Like when the press put out stories that he had won the nomination in May (he hasn't and there is still a chace that GOP delegates will wake up from their insanity and not elect Obama in Tampa).
I hope Romney names Paul Ryan. Obama would really have fun with that.

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