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So what happens when the RNC denies ron a speaking slot and doesnt let him on the ballot?

Im really curious to know what the plan is , because if the delegates show up not prepared for this to happen there will be nothing you can do but sit back and watch the romney crowd laugh at us as.

After the convention happens and there is no "incident" ron paul becomes a non relevant memory in us politics , only existing in the hearts and minds of his defeated supporters who have no existing alternative that is remotely as good as paul.

This picture sums up what should happen if they lock us out of a fair election


Its time to stop fucking around and take our country seriously. Because if we dont in 20 years it wont exist.

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Unless I'm seriously

Unless I'm seriously mistaken, Dr. Paul is still on the ballot. They're just not allowing him the time to speak at the convention, but that doesn't really matter as long as the delegates show up and vote. The strategy is obvious. The RNC is attempting to discourage us from going and actually voting so their boy has a clear field, but that's not going to happen.