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CNN ran Dr.Paul's voice through a digital FX processor

We don't need more evidence of main stream media bias....but here's one I actually hadn't seen yet.
Surely you're familiar with the notion that Ron sounds "crazy?" Well, I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that CNN actually altered his voice with a digital effects processor.

I'm a video producer, with experience working in a TV production studio, I've set up interviews on CNN and MSNBC, and I can assure you that there's nothing natural happening here.

Listen to the doctor being doctored!

Notice the pitch fluctuations, they really do make him sound crazy! I wonder how many other videos are floating around with this same doctoring technique. Just another "honest mistake" to throw into the file.

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It sounds a little bit like a

It sounds a little bit like a Skype connection to me. I wouldn't expect CNN to spend any more on a feed to Dr. Paul.

Strange indeed

i notice lots of these while watching his old videos. Remember Cpac.... they do hack jobs of the most important videos... racist hit right before iowa... blotchy skin on one interview before iowa straw poll made him look old as dirt..... They know our ability to share this video across the inter webs.... and they want him to seem extra strange...... when I notice our vunlerabilities in important videos ... i think of our vulnerabilities with voting results..... idk how RP hasnt been our president since 2008 - w %60 of the population. That should be our goal in November..... %60 Ron Paul and increase the % of eligible votes cast by %25 show the country a quarter of us were waiting to vote for a real leader :)

yt = classicalliberalism

Patriotic Senex

His skin color is...

continually changing as well, while the host's skin seems to remain the same.

Great observation

he keeps going 'red' then to a 'normal' tone, then almost grayish.
And great catch on the voice maniplutaion! Except for Ben Swann, the entire MSM is dirty.

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It is definitely noticeable..Either tampering or a really poor feed..

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