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Tunesia Did it: Ron Paul Revolution Facebook Strategy

We know better than anyone that we are locked out of fair media coverage, and even strong Ron Paul supporters think he either:

- Called it quits (rather than suspending active campaigning at one point and leaving it to the voters)

- Did not win any states (by the media focusing on beauty contests rather than delegates)

- Lost has last chance to be the nominee in Nebraska (a flat-out lie)

The power of Facebook revolutions, which is how they first described Tunesia and Egypt, is apparent if you think about it a bit. Think of Facebook as many neighborhoods where word spreads fast within a neighborhood. Some people in one neighborhood are connected with people in others, (someone on a NASCAR site might also be into the Simpsons,) and shared items which cut across interests travel fast.

Okay you know all that. Just for folks who don't. Before the convention, the first thing the world needs to know is that Ron Paul HAS qualified for the ballot, and if nominated, is entitled to a 15 minute speech. His candidacy is far from ended, however one would like to debate his chances of winning the nomination.

We all know that if Romney does not take it on the first ballot, all bets are off, as delegates are free to express how they really feel about Willard Romney and Ron Paul, and their chances of beating Obama.

We know this: Romney never filled a stadium in L.A.

The 100 Most Popular Facebook Fan Pages are HERE, (some you can post items at and some not.) Some folks should start at the end of the list or middle so we aren't being redundant. Notice at the top, pages are further broken down into categories like politicians, movies, TV shows, etc. (General Hospital is HUGE.)

If you are ever fidgety thinking you are wasting precious time arguing with the trolls here (which is exactly their purpose, to blow smoke and waste your time,) do a few Facebooks. Warning: you might get hooked. It is fascinating to find out what America is doing, watching, and thinking about.

One article which hits all the points: "Media Says Ron Paul Wins Six States, Qualifying for Nomination. Romney Breaks Rules to Deny Speaking Slot." Post it!

100 Most Popular Facebook Fan Pages HERE.

Note: The media has been pushing, again dishonestly, the idea, as Time Magazine says, that "Ron Paul’s Role at the Republican Convention [is] Now in Romney’s Hands," with further obfuscation about whether he will speak or not. This is an attempt to reinforce the lie that Ron Paul is the loser who depends on the victor's good graces, another way of making people believe he didn't qualify for the ballot. So the headline of the article seems to throw the lie back in Romney's face.

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This is to counter latest spin suggesting RP is not interested

in nomination (false, completely taken out of context and used against the campaign.)


Facebook is our friend, be the media!

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali


Land of tuna.

Tunesia, Tunesia?

a land of iTunes?

LOL land of a power structure that got one big surprise!


A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali