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Video: Police Raid on The Mansion of Megaupload’s Kim Dotcom


For more than six months there have been claims and counterclaims about what happened in January when New Zealand police raided the mansion of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom. Now video of the event has been released to the public and it includes helicopters, armed officers, dog units and multiple police vehicles – Hollywood style.

Kim Dotcom began giving evidence in the Auckland High Court yesterday at the start of a three day hearing into what happened during the January raid on his New Zealand mansion.

The Megaupload founder described how he heard stones being kicked up onto his bedroom window by helicopters, later revealed to be carrying officers from the Special Tactics Group, New Zealand’s elite anti-terror force.

This overwhelming display of force, detailed in our earlier article, only added to the huge controversy surrounding the dramatic Megaupload takedown, but until now has only been described in words. Today that changed.


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The Amerikan Empire....

using shows of force around the world.

I hope more people are waking up to this!

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Nowhere on earth is safe from the Evil Empire


The current news tonight here

The current news tonight here in New Zealand is that Dotcom had to get police to call an ambulance for his pregnant wife, after they refused to give him back the cellphones they confiscated in the raid.

And people wonder why non-US citizens get so passionate about Ron Paul.

The State has gone global.

The State has gone global. The individual is now a number and no longer a person in its eyes. This tyranny will end by the peace of all man. We have a voice. I am sovereign.


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