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Don’t Like the Police State? Crush it (Literally)

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My first problem with this

My first problem with this story is why would the cops give a shit if someone wrecks their cars? It's the taxpayers on the hook for those...

My second problem is two-fold. 1st He shouldn't have been arrested in the first place(waste of taxpayer $$$ arresting an individual that harmed no one). That arrest directly influenced this guys blowback, next arrest, and incarceration(which now cost the taxpayers even more money).

As taxpayer I'd be far happier if this guy just went after the individuals that assaulted him in the first place. No need to destroy property that I'm left to pay for.

Why is adam always suggesting

Why is adam always suggesting violence(sarcastically does it)? It is not called for unless it is in self defense.

It Seems Reasonable

It seems reasonable to suggest this man was defending himself against the local police.


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Just won me back with this youtube.

Go Adam!

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

LOL. He's my new hero

LOL. He's my new hero

Wow, Take note...

This is the beginning, people are fighting back, and the best part of this whole thing is, monkey see, monkey do

All Across This Country

The police are in violation of the public trust.

Same goes for the government

Same goes for the government in general...and rightfully, most people don't trust 'em.