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The Neocon David Carlson and the CIA Drug Lord General Vang Pao


From www.lewrockwell.com via Charles Burris:

Who is David Carlson? Carlson is a repellent neocon Republican party primary candidate for the U. S. Senate in Minnesota who is running a scurrilous attack ad on Fox News against Ron Paul and Kurt Bills (the GOP candidate endorsed by Dr. Paul). This disgraceful ad is replete with one vicious lie after another concerning Ron Paul’s character and beliefs. What is extremely curious about Carlson is the fact that on his campaign website, besides photos of him with Mitt Romney and John McCain, is featured one with the CIA’s Laotian opium drug lord, the late General Vang Pao. What was his connection to Vang Pao? Minnesota voters deserve an answer.

Pic of him with the Pao family.



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Because NEO-CONS & NEO-LIBS are the scourge of the earth.


The Republican Security Council calls us neo-liberals and the true 'neocons' aka neo-confederates. Of course this is a joke, but I figured I just wanted to throw that out there.

We are 'neoliberals' to them because we are 'left of Obama' on national security issues.

My response would be, no you are to the left of Obama to make the world 'safe for Democracy'.

Thanks for the +1. This is vital info.

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The Republican Security Council can shove it where the sun...

...don't shine.

The way I see it, the neoliberals are a bastard former self of honest, true liberals, just like the neoconservatives are of theirs.

Neoliberals and neoconservatives are essentially the same animal, one being inbred from one direction, and one being inbred from another.

Sort of like how Obama is really in bed with Karl Rove, as Bill Kristol is with Hillary Clinton.

Irs the "neo" part that gives their hypocrisy away.

The only good "Neo" is here:


Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

I would say

For me personally, I think of a NEO-LIB as a Hillary Clinton, Janet Napolitano, Elena Kagan, etc. They only disagree with fiscally responsible Republicans.

They are just as hawkish as the fiscally irresponsible Republicans.