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New England Liberty LOVE Fest 2

Are you coming to Liberty LOVE Fest 2? We have the best of the Liberty musicians all in one weekend event.

The Liberty Club Worcester is a unique venue in a hundred year old factory building where we are providing opportunities for musicians, artisans, educators and entrepreneurs to present their wares to the Liberty community and beyond.

The doors open at 4:00 pm Friday August 17th and the entertainment starts at 6:00 and will continue through Late Saturday night with the headliner Rebel Inc. Bring your camping gear and sleep on the fourth floor, bring a pot luck entrée, snacks and drinks. Cash bar available.

The first LOVE fest was a great success with over 400 liberty lovers attending thanks to the generous donations of time and treasure by our local liberty family. We hope to see you all back for this one.
Love Fest is planning future events, but cannot sustain without the generous support from the Liberty community. Please buy your tickets now so that we have the seed money to pay band deposits and purchase necessary goods.

If you would like to vendor a table, just buy a ticket and send me an emails with basic info, pics or logos.
Thanks for supporting the LOVE Fest.

Bob Dwyer

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I'm in plymouth county...

And have no wheels if anyone is coming through.

fortune favors the bold

All star cast

Tatiana Moroz, Jordan Page, Rebel Inc. and Adam Kokesh are just some of the great people that will be performing and speaking truth.
This is a great event to kick off the road to Tampa and Paulfest.

reedr3v's picture


sounds great for those near enough to attend.