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What should we do if Dr. Paul doesn't get the republican nomination?

If Ron Paul doesn't get the republican nomination, what would be the most effective course of action thereafter?

Do we, his supporters, write his name in the ballot?

Or should we all gather behind Gary Johnson?

Johnson carries Ron Paul's political ideas just the same, and his name will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

I think we need to figure out a course of action as a whole.. I would hate to see half the Ron Paul supporters writing in his name, and the other half vote for Johnson. Little would get done. We need to either all write in his name, or all vote for Johnson in order to achieve a real victory at the executive level.

The Movement really needs to consider what course to take and get the word out far and wide.

I would really like to know what Dr. Paul would have us do in the case that he doesn't get the republican nod...

Your thoughts?

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WHY do "we" need to figure out a course of action as a whole?

Every question you pose is couched in the collectivist "We", which is a bit odd, considering that this movement has been about individual responsibility.

My guess is that most people here will make their own personal decision, and you should do the same.

Most 'Gary Johnson

Most 'Gary Johnson supporters' are Paul supporters 1st. However, if Johnson is on the ballot and Paul isn't, then voting for Johnson may make more of an impact. Going around calling people 'Gary Johnson supporters' is silly.

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First and foremost is to vet the candidates...

by exposing any and all of their hypocrisies. Obama, should-it-be Romney, Johnson, and anyone else running. Put them all to the test of Liberty, see how they do, and make those results widely known. What you do inside the voting booth is your business; voting for the best person for the job is what I will be doing.

protest vote

Vote GJ to register the protest vote. The media will report it and both parties will take it seriously.

Writing in 'Ron Paul' will be ignored and will have no effect.

I don't really like the way

I don't really like the way that the Gary Johhnson supporters have been hyper-trolling the DP, but if Ron Paul isn't on the ballot, I will be voting Libertarian.

"As the circle of light increases, so does the circumference of darkness around it." - Albert Einstein
"Now, more than ever, the choice between Obama and Romney will be which one do you want to ruin your country?" ~ Wead

to libertarian or not libertarian

to libertarian or not libertarian ... that is the essence of this dilemma. When in doubt, let your liberty stand out !