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U.S., Vietnam Launch Agent Orange Cleanup

U.S., Vietnam Launch Agent Orange Cleanup

Marianne Brown
August 09, 2012

HANOI — The United States and Vietnam’s defense ministry have launched the first cleanup operation to rid a former air base of a toxic dioxin left from the Vietnam war. Although many people have welcomed the move, some say it is too little, too late to help generations of people suffering birth defects and diseases linked to the chemical.

The project, which started Thursday, aims to clean up soil and sediment contaminated with dangerous levels of toxin dioxin at a former U.S. Army air base in central Vietnam.

During the Vietnam War, Da Nang airport was used to store the herbicide "Agent Orange" which was sprayed on vegetation used as cover by guerrilla forces.

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My cousin

got type 1 diabetes from agent (monsanto) orange in Vietnam. UGH!

Sorry to hear that ntwbn

Several of my working buddies have it or have already died from it..