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Man Gets DUI On A Inflatable Raft

Not sure of the specifics of this arrest since it was in Alaska and if the guy blew a .31 on the breathalyzer he was clearly trashed but a DUI for floating in a raft?

It's the presidence and the "slippery Slope" that concerns me most.


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BUI - Boating While Intoxicated.

The Coast Guard would have given him a ticket for not wearing a PFD on top of the BUI.

Just think if he had run into to someone in that thing

They could have been extremely amused!

Even worse - what if the pond had frozen over?

This unfortunate gentleman would then have been stuck out in the middle of the frozen pond with a useless rubber raft and no way to safety.

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The Shameful Pretense of "Doing Good"

Arrest people and throw away the key, damn the charges or trial.
Bomb people all over the world.
Assassinate governments that we do not like.
Cops shoot unarmed people, too freaking bad. But…

Get on a raft three sheets to the wind? Well friend now you have crossed America's line of morality. There is only so much the good citizens of our country can tolerate without taking action and this sir exceeded the limit.

pathetic, so dang pathetic...


Liberty = Responsibility


Isn't the neighborhood of .30 BAC fatal or extremely close to fatal?

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I read somewhere that the

I read somewhere that the highest level ever recorded for a person that lived was .57

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