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Massachesetts Healthcare Price Controls After 6 Years of Obama...I mean RomneyCare

"As surely as night follows day, one government intervention begets another. In Massachusetts, the 2006 healthcare reform law signed by then-Gov. Mitt Romney forced every Bay Stater to buy health insurance and every insurer to cover every applicant regardless of preexisting conditions. Not surprisingly, this created an increase in demand for medical care, driving prices and insurance premiums to the highest levels in the nation."


Supposed conservatives clinging to the "presumptive" GOP Presidential nominee continue to defend Romneycare, while healthcare costs associated with the central planning of healthcare in Massachusetts are rising to the point of further government intervention in the form of price controls. The defense against Romneycare has often been that Romney was simply governing by the will of the people in that damned liberal state.

With Romneycare as the blueprint for Obamacare, we can now see what will indeed transpire in the national version of Romney’s legislative baby. Spiking healthcare costs, as a result of government intervention, that lead to government price controls, which will surely lead to scarcity of healthcare as a good.

I sure wish Republican stalwarts, those who simply vote party line, would take the time to look at Romney’s own website and see that Romney indeed wants to repeal Obamacare, but the replacement is not much different. Covering pre-existing conditions, state healthcare exchanges, and penalties will indeed be a part of the Romney plan. The resulting skyrocketing costs associated with Government planned healthcare will continue unabated. Not only that, but the government induced problem will be then addressed with another government edict; all the while the users of those goods will pay the ultimate price and possibly their death.

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Makes me want to

smack a liberal; something about free lunches & mouse traps. . .

We have now sunk to a depth at which restatement of the obvious is the first duty of intelligent men.
-George Orwell

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Thanks for posting this Tim. I live in Mass. and have seen the results of Romneycare first hand. Premiums have skyrocketed since it's implementation, which is exactly the opposite of what they said it would do (how typical of government intervention).

It amazes me how so many people that support Romney don't realize that Romney himself implemented the trial balloon for Obamacare and will actually claim their reason for supporting him is that he wants to repeal it. What a joke!

No Kidding

The cognitive dissonance on both sides of the party voter aisle is breath taking. Repbulican mainliners stick to the core voting issue of healthcare, yet actively ignore what has been done in MA and the resulting chaos. Meanwhile, mainline Democrats refuse to look at the results of the blueprint Obama used for his same fascist healthcare laws.

I pray for a miracle at the RNC in a few weeks and I am not a religious person.