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A Project By My School District - Conquering Silence (Trailer + Poem By Shane Koyczan)

This is a documentary made for those struggling with issues in their daily lives, like every single other being on this planet, but those who cant seem to break out and talk about it.

A Canadian Poet by the name of Shane Koyczan heard about the increased number of homicide (but mostly) a record number of suicides in 4 years. It's a small town, so its easy to see how a dark cloud of desperation can sometimes come over communities who feel hope is gone. So this video can inspire me to start over, to persevere, overcome, evolve to complete my goal. These ar instructions for a bad day, and the way teenagers are learning to break the silence about tyranny and increase the peace between communities that will lead to restoration of freedom. Peace ! One love to my DP Posters..I hope these instructions are useful while you all try to move forward in life.


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Beautiful and inspiring!

Beautiful and inspiring! Thanks for posting.

Increased Suicide in My hometown*

yes, wow. i would trade this guy for Justin Bieber anyday, he is a stinky blemish on Canada, not that canada has much room left for ugly history

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

The first word that came to

The first word that came to my mouth was WOW. Wow because this video is truly inspiring. I didn't know who Shane Koyczan was. I just looked him up on youtube and watched a few of his other videos/poems and he's a very talented individual.