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Immediate marketing idea

Based on this post http://www.dailypaul.com/248213/romney-campaign-spokeswoman-...

Do we have any photoshoppers in the house?

We need to capitalize on this now... FB bomb actual print ideas litter your city with these posters.

Poster idea 1: "blind presidential pick" two sillouettes (one Romney one Obama or figure less) list the top 5 same domestic values, list the top 5 foreign values. This image will help solidify that they are the same.

Poster idea 2: "race-ist card" list only the above values and some how insinuate they are only choosing Romeny because he is Caucasian.

Also has anyone seen the article in GQ "does Romney have a soul"? Forget the article there is a picture of a plastic Romney mask which would be amazing for viral pictures. You could have it with Obama behind it and so on.

Just some ideas out there for our grassroots photo gurus. Have fun!

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