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New Movie "The Campaign" Review

In case anyone doesn't know this is the new movie starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis. It's pretty dirty for a Will Ferrell movie loads of cursing, and sex scenes/talk so not for kids. Funny for the first 40 minutes then the comedy really slows down for the rest of the film.
Ferrell basically plays a stupid version of John Edwards, Galifianakis plays his own made up character, and as far as I know is not based on any politician that comes to mind. Unless you really want to see it I recommend waiting for rental. I saw it for free at an advanced screening last night.
The main point of the movie is that billionaires run/own politics, and don't care which party they have to fund or what they have to do to get the influence, and outcomes they want.
One scene of interest concerns electronic voting machines. First off the movie features a spoof of the Koch brothers renamed the Motch brothers. When the election results are in most are surprised who won, and by how much. The movie cuts to a rear view of an electronic voting machine with a big Motch brothers logo.
Since this is a comedy most of the people in the audience just shrugged it off so I don't think it will cause people to question electronic voting machines but at least the topic of electronic vote tampering was in a big mainstream movie.

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