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Anyone tried persuading USVI/Guam/NMI/Puerto Rico/DC delegates to join our side?

According to Rule 40, the outlying territories and DC count as states for the purpose of getting Paul on the ballot. It seems to me like we should be reaching out to these delegates via e-mail, phone, Facebook, etc., so that we could have one or two additional "states" as insurance in case the establishment knocks off our delegates in ME or LA.

Delegates who come from the territories probably would be much easier to persuade to come over to our side since they wouldn't have been as thoroughly brainwashed by the Romney propaganda. We could localize our outreach too, with certain issues more likely to resonate in certain places:

American Samoa--this is majority Mormon so most of the delegates will be, too. That may make it hard to persuade them to leave Romney; however, since Mormons are extremely pro-life, we could appeal to them on that issue (Paul has always been pro-life, while Romney only switched to pro-life right before he began running for president, the Stericycle issue, etc.)

U. S. Virgin Islands--we have a head start here since one of the elected delegates was already a Paul supporter when he was elected. So we only need to flip a few more to get the USVI over to our side. There is already a strong liberty presence in these islands, as evidenced by the fact that Paul won the straw poll at their caucus (though not the number of delegates)

Guam and Mariana Islands--Military bases are a huge part of their economy, so they might be concerned that Paul would cut the military. Remind them that Paul only wants to remove troops from foreign soil, and that might actually benefit Guam/NMI because many of the troops in places like Korea and Japan could be relocated to these islands under a Paul administration instead. Also remind them that Paul was always the choice of active duty service members.

Puerto Rico--Remind them that Paul supports self-determination for the Puerto Rican people (so whether they want to become a state, independence, or status quo is up to them) without preconditions (unlike Santorum who insisted they must switch to English before they become a state). Puerto Ricans are heavily Catholic so appealing to them on pro-life issues (see above) might work vs. Romney.

Washington, D.C--D.C. residents ought to be well aware of all the corruption in their own backyard. Remind them that just because Mitt Romney hasn't spent time in Washington doesn't make him squeaky clean--he's every bit as corrupt as anyone in the district.