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Just thinking out loud about us vs them.

I just finished watching an array of U tube videos showing LA rioters vs the few individuals who fought back with guns. And so it dawned on me that IF this country goes down the toilet, in the way of economic issues, to the point of mass panic and possibly even martial law, then the vast majority of the people will be the rioters and the looters , well at least the vast majority of the people out and about on the streets. So local police and military presence will be out numbered. In such a scenario, im starting to think that the good citizens, even gun owners, may end up being an ally.
Even though the government is corrupt, i think if we cover their backs during a mass riot, then i think (hope) that the police/military individuals would have the humanity to understand that WE are not the enemy.

Just thinking out loud here.

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I remember watching those riots unfold

and thinking what heroes those armed business owners, on their roofs protecting their property, were.

that is exactly what they would

want you to do, then they would arrest you for owning guns or rioting or looting or whatever, they are not human anymore, they are trained to see people as enemies, that is why they call us civilians