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I Got Invited to Speak to a Republican Women's Club!

I'm a young activist in San Antonio, and I recently attended our state convention in June as a delegate. I was also a delegate in 2008 for Dr. Paul.

I ran for Permanent Rules Committee in our State Senatorial District Caucuses and ended up losing a close race. I believe after factoring in voting strength, I lost 203 to 293. I had a lot of support though, and gave what I thought was a decent impromptu speech.

But what really got people's attention was this Convention Guide I designed and distributed prior to and at the convention!

I emailed this flyer to all the delegates in my Senate and Congressional Districts before the state convention, and I received a lot of compliments from what many of us would call, "Establishment Republicans." I even passed them out to my constituents as my promotional flyer for my run for rules committee, as an indication of the creativity, energy, and passion of the youth that wants to become involved in the political process.

After the convention, I received an email from the Vice President of Programs from a neighboring Republican Women's Club inviting me to be a guest speaker at their next monthly meeting to talk about my State Convention Guide!

This is how we change hearts and minds, by becoming involved locally. Not all Republicans are "Establishment", and not all of them like Mitt Romney, and not all of them are evil RINO's.

If we're going to have any affect in Tampa, we need to learn to build coalitions within this "Establishment" demographic.

Several in our local group are now precinct chairmen, and the first Executive Committee meeting is Aug. 20th. So we have an opportunity to work directly with local party leadership to affect real change within our bylaws and with the overall image of our local chapter. I'm sure this will be a major topic at the Executive Committee meeting!

Other members have been really active in the local Tea Party and Pachyderm Clubs, some even volunteering to give presentations on the NDAA and Obama's Drone Program.

The bottom line is, to usher in the change that we all want, we must be proactive with our constituents and neighbors, with our local leadership, and with our local political organizations.

Wish me luck on my speech!

And visit my website if you have a minute!

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