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Story of "Active Duty Air Force Physician Forced to Resign as Delegate" Inspires Some to Take Action in GOP Platform Discussion

For anyone that read the article "Active Duty Air Force Physician Threatened With Court Martial at Request of Republican Leadership & Forced to Resign as Delegate", here is a quick update. I'm working on a complete update, but there are some new developments that must be addressed before I publish it.

The GOP has developed a website for input from constituents in preparation for the RNC Platform Committee Meeting:

"The GOP wants to know how you feel about important policy issues. We hope you will use this site to share ideas you support, propose ideas and supply constructive feedback."

One of my friends posted this resolution. Please visit the following link and "Second this Idea" at the bottom of the page if you agree. It is a relevant resolution supporting the participation of our active duty military in our political process.

Freedom of Speech for Those Protecting our Freedoms

The Department of Defense prohibits active duty members of the military from participating in political rallies, conventions and debates. DoD Directive 1344.10 (19FEB08), section makes it very clear these activities are prohibited even if the service member refrains from wearing their uniform. While the Republican Party fully supports civilian leadership of the armed forces, DoD Directive 1344.10 goes too far by explicitly prohibiting military members from exercising their free speech rights. Those who have volunteered to protect and preserve our rights should not be subjected to this unlawful order. While rarely enforced, the existence of this regulation enables formal complaints to be filed by political opponents when individual service members exercise their free speech rights. We call on the Department of Defense to revise this policy and allow all members of the military to fully exercise their Constitutional rights as long as they do so in civilian clothing and avoid any inference their opinions are anything other than their personal views.

Please vote to "Second this Idea"

More Info: http://www.dod.mil/dodgc/defense_ethics/ethics_regulation/13...

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Please vote to second this resolution if you agree that our military should be able to participate in the presidential selection process.

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