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New Verse: Obamaful for Romney's thugs...

I just added a new verse to my epic poem-parody, "America, the Bushieful" (sung to the tune "America, the Beautiful"), which chronicles every step of our government's descent into madness these past twelve years. I dedicate this verse to Jesse Benton and Trgyve Olson.

fifty-seventh verse:

Obamaful for Romney's thugs
Breaking bones, busting knees!
Paul's campaign org. (like Atlas) shrugs,
Deaf to delegates' pleas!
America! America!
Romney's Obama's twin!
Elect Ron Paul or lose it all
No matter which one wins!

Here's the link:


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You wrote this

for two timing Jesse 'the opportunist' Benton?
He gets paid from both ends just like the lobbyists do.

Keepin' it real.