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Jack Hunter, The Southern Avenger, Visits Austin! (Full Speech)

Jack Hunter is SUCH a bad-ass! I lOVE this guy! He and Tom Woods were at this event, they are both really down-to-earth people. I'll post Woods' speech next.



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Great speech by Jack H!

We are having the 1960 - 64 Goldwater moment NOW. It's true: we are witnessing many little "genuine conservative" victories in our local GOP gatherings. More youngsters are running for offices. Habeas Corpus / Magna Carta / Bill of Rights, besides the Constitution, are back in people's minds. More status quo elected officials are aware of the mass movement against NDAA, endless futile wars, self-serving FedRes and such.

We can feel the tide changing even in the hinterland :-)

"Yeeeeeh Jackass!" (points

"Yeeeeeh Jackass!"

(points for those that know which movie this is from)