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Setbacks and Bizarre Turns in the Rawsome Foods Raw Milk Saga

All of this drama and politicization of raw milk wasn’t always the case in this country (especially, for obvious reasons, prior to the advent of pasteurization). In fact, it was just about 100 years ago—1908, to be precise—that the first American laws began requiring some dairy milk to be pasteurized. (For those interested in learning more about the politics and other machinations behind the early bans, I recommend Alan Czaplicki’s easily accessible 2007 article, "Pure Milk is Better Than Purified Milk," in the journal Social Science History.)


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Well the Police State is Here!

These agencies are here to eliminate the competition with pasturized milk. They are increasing their attacks on family run farms to shut them down so that, big agricultural companies can control our food supply.

Try to get some liberty minded attorneys who will take your case on. And, maybe you'll get lucky with a judge that actually upholds the constitution.

It Takes real tough Guys

Those cops sure had to defend themselves against those big bad farmer hippy types. Hahahahahah What jerks! Bullies, hired goons. Low mentality. MAKES ME SICK!


How much do you want to bet?

That Monsanto is playing a big part in this?


He should stick that gun up his azz

And pull the trigger. Do the world a favor you stupid tax parasites.

Free includes debt-free!

The gov't allows

you to purchase cigarettes and alcohol, both of which cause harm to the body, but they are cracking down a food substance in its natural state.

Yes, it is about the role of gov't in our lives, but I think it is more about corporate greed, personal greed, power and control.

just my 2 cents

FDA approved VIOx killed thousands.

FDA approved statins have done terrible damage with no benefit at all except the profits and kickbacks to the regulators.

And FDA approved vaccines that are responsible for the autism epidemic. It is nothing short of child abuse of the worst kind.

We should let out those convicted of selling.using marijuana etc and stick the FDA in those cells. Murderers deserve jail time. And a nice bit of rope so they can use to end their misery.

Free includes debt-free!

Raw milk is a great intro for talking about

the role of government in our lives.

Anybody have an update on this side of the Rawesome raid?

reedr3v's picture

Is it true that Ralph Nader is responsible for

bringing a suit that resulted in a ban on selling raw milk across state lines?


I have a farm that sells legal whole milk just a mile or two from me and I have never once got any. I am going this weekend to buy some just to see what all the hype is about.

with any luck - I will still be here Monday - LOL

It's Still legal in Texas

We buy raw milk here. It tastes great and rich and has never made us sick. California is ruled by lunatics.


They cant come after all of us if we all start living this way..

and if they do... then we will stick the second amendment up their arse and pull the trigger...

but not the pawns doing grunt work... if they try to create chaos in society to customize an order that undermines the constitution it is our duty as people to overthrow the dictators, not their guards.

A true flower can not blossom without sunlight and a true man can not live without love.

I remember when I learned to read in 1963

The Dean's Milk carton with the Robin sitting on a snow colored Mailbox read "Iodized".

Thanks, I'll watch later.

Free includes debt-free!