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Is anyone filming the Ron Paul Rally in Tampa?

Just curious if the campaign, or any major or semi-major networks will be filming any of the Ron Paul event before the RNC. I assume a person or two will shoot a livestream video which is good, but it would be nice to have quality footage of the event also. So if someone knows what's going on with this, please fill us in. If not, I guess let's get to work and start calling at least some local networks in Tampa to inform them of the event.

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The question is who isn't going to bring raw footage?

All eyes will be in Tampa, their scared shitless that we will film them, exposure and knowledge is our greatest tool to restore the republic

So far, about 57, from all over the world...


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Good to know. John Tate also

Good to know. John Tate also sent out an email a couple of days ago and said 90 media outlets have been confirmed.

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