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I think I just connected some dots... VP pick

I was just listening to Rachel Maddow and she was talking about how Rmoney is expected to make a VP selection any day now. That he is wanting to pick someone that will bring excitement back to the base.

Also as part of that segment she was talking about how Rmoney is bringing in Gingrich and Trump to stump for the campaign to try to get the base fired up. She included a clip from Fox news of an interview with Trump where he is being asked if he is going to the convention and if he will speak. H says he probably will go. When pressed as to whether he will speak he says he is being asked to do something "Major" at the convention.

... VP??

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I've heard

Rubio, Ryan, or Fatboy from NJ

In Trump's Mind....

His mere showing up at the convention is "major," --- to him. GOP would be even more of a laughingstock if he's VP.

I predict...

Trump's hair will become sentient and give a moving speech about how nice Romney's hair is.

Trump "hires" VP in an

Trump "hires" VP in an Apprentice style skit. Thats all.

Now THAT would be hysterical..


didnt the gop despise

trump during the primary?

They despised Romney too.

They despised Romney too. They seem to like doing thing and picking people who they supposedly despise.


I can see that he would need someone to bring excitement but I still think he may pick Mitch Daniels because he was at the Bilderberg conference. That would help with the Midwest.

But, then again it will be Paul who is the nominee.

If Trump

is picked as VP I will be 100 percent certain that the GOP is throwing the election to Obama.

That would be a handout to Obama, or good

for us if RP is put into nomination. Trump would be an embarassment to the Rep. establishment, not to mention he represents the top 1/2% corporate elitists that people despise.