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Maine Governor Really Stands With Maine Delegation!

This from Maine conservative radio host Ray Richardson:

"The Governor of Maine, Paul LePage, in a conversation five minutes ago said that if they do not seat the Maine Delegation at the RNC, he will not go. These folks need to be seated.

The Governor gave me explicit permission to make this public.

Good for you Governor ... I appreciate, once again, that you stand up for what is right for Maine."

More impressive when you know that LePage is a Romney supporter.

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I love Governor LePage of Maine.

Thank you, Governor LePage. You are a hero. :-)

That is Good

And Honorable if true, yet I think I will wait to see if he follows through before making a hero out of him.

when he says he wants the

when he says he wants the Maine delegation seated or he won't go, does he mean seating the real delegates or the ones Romney people want in?

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"Le Page" is a Romney Supporter"

Maybe he'll start to see the light after this? Seems to have some integrity, so you never know!

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa


I hope other governors will take notice.


for him doing the right thing!