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Focus on violent 'extremists' hampered by U.S. laws, political pressure

Focus on violent 'extremists' hampered by U.S. laws, political pressure

By Mark Hosenball
WASHINGTON | Thu Aug 9, 2012 7:31pm EDT

(Reuters) - Efforts by authorities to spot and pre-empt violent right-wing extremists like the ex-soldier who shot up a Wisconsin Sikh temple face serious legal and political hurdles, including free speech guarantees and pushback from political lobbies.

Officials and private experts who track extremists groups say U.S. laws, particularly the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, prevent official investigators from bringing cases against Americans for having extreme beliefs.

And past attempts by the U.S. government to highlight the threat of right-wing extremism have provoked a political backlash, further complicating attempts to deal with the issue.

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So now these insane mass

So now these insane mass murdering criminals who call themselves our government are calling those who commit mass murder domestic terrorists. Have they put themselves on this domestic terrorists list for the terrorist crimes they have committed to the citizens of this country. Are they investigating themselves for the mass murders those in government have committed on the citizens in this country. Because the mass murders committed by these groups in government far exceed anything any other group has committed. Which shows us very clearly which group is the most threat to the people in this country, a person in this country is more likely to be killed by this terrorist group calling themselves our government than all these other groups combined, only when this largest domestic terrorist group in the country is brought to justice will we be able to see a dramatic decline in terrorism in this country. Every day more and more Americans are waking up and realizing who the real domestic terrorists are in this country, it's not some mass murderer who loses it one day, it's the group who calls themselves the government who commits mass murder every day. That's my opinion, and if the government doesn't like it, they can kiss my as

That darn Constitution, always protecting Americans freedoms....

...just keeps getting in the way of totalitarianism and a strong fascist central government.

Who needs freedom anyway?

and that God for it!

We must never give up the fight..