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Germany Considers "Nuclear Option" Referendum To End European Sovereighty

[Could there be a similar vote in the U.S. to end the 10th Amendment?]
Referendum: Is Germany Preparing For The Nuclear Option?
08/10/2012 14:52 -0400

Two months ago, in the aftermath of the "surprising victory" for the Italian PM from the June 29 European summit, which the media mistakenly interpreted as successful for Monti and Rajoy, whose hijacking tactics merely led to even more European animosity and instability in a system that is beyond fragile (i.e., Europe), we proposed an entirely different explanation, namely that "Merkel's Surprising "Defeat" was Merely A Gambit For A German Referendum?" To wit: "it appears that events over the past week may have been merely a gambit for something that Schauble and Weidmann have already hinted at: a popular referendum that decides the fate of Europe once and for all, washing Merkel's hands and letting the people decide if they want the European experiment to continue or not." Turns out we were right.
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From Spiegel: Germany Considers Holding EU Referendum
More Power to Brussels? - 08/10/2012
Such a vote could indeed be a way to get the much needed legitimacy for a transfer of national competences to Brussels. But how would it actually work in practice? SPIEGEL ONLINE presents an overview of some possibilities.

There are three conceivable options for a referendum:

1. The Voluntary Way
2. The Forced Way
3. The European Way

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Forced "unity"

America suffered it in 1861, and it cost 600,000 lives. Central states suck.

SteveMT's picture

Agree. Forced unity,......

which means no unity at all.