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Montel Williams defends owning guns

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oh come on!

Ya, we all know the constitution defends our right to own guns, enough of the sarcasm. I just found it nice that not all celebrities or "tv man" think guns are bad. ya, he is still for gun control, but at least he is half way awake.

"I own a gun" is halfway awake?

Honestly, the opinions of tv stars are just irrelevant to me. Some call for gun bans, other call for stricter rules. None ever call for "leave the poor folks alone". They always frame every issue between mega tyranny and minor tyranny.


That's great for you, but I could do without the attitude. If you don't care for the video, then just move on. No one likes a sarcasm, it's rude.

Did you tell Montel to go on tv?

Or invent tv? If so, I'm sorry for offending you. Otherwise, I remain firm that everything associated with tv is complete and utter garbage and anyone in their right mind would rid themselves of it and not care a bit what any of those people think about anything.

So does the Constitution

Don't need TV man for that.

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Except he still wants Government control over

who or whom may purchase whatever type. This is a NON-Starter in my book.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.