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Just want to apologise

For my Thread regarding the Jesse Benton/Dump Romney Thread. Was trying to find a link to the actual memo the whole time. Finally found it, and realized my mistake. Thanks to whomever unpublished it, I was looking for a link to do that very thing once I figured out what was in the memo.

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I just posted this a few minutes ago after doing a search and not coming up with anything:


Now I read this post and am pretty sure you had posted the same thing. If I'm correct in this assumption, may I ask, "why it was deleted and why you have come to the conclusion that it was wrong to post?"

It took me awhile but after I

It took me awhile but after I read the actual memo that was sent to all the delegates, I realized it was a rather inelegant, diatribe against Romney based on his religion, and his support of gays in the military. It used shock value by picture, and the whole thing was just completely a negative attack on Romney. It's one thing to say that someone is wrong in their opinions. It's even ok to disagree with their religion and be concerned about the effect on the Presidency from it. But this was like watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, just mean hacking over and over again! If I was Ron Paul, I wouldn't want to be associated with that myself! I want to add that I am not for homosexuality being in the open in the military, and I'm not a believer in Mormonism either, but this was over the top IMHO. An attack like this is unlikely to have the desired effect also. It just makes Romney look stepped on.

I agree that it's really bad

Unfortunately, I can see the logic (for lack of a far better word) in using this tactic. I can picture the writer(s) thinking that common sense is not getting through to these people - those same people that are so narrow-minded that booed(!) Ron Paul when he mentioned the Golden Rule (an evangelical crowd no less). There's no reason or sense to that. I could be wrong, but I think that the memo is targeting those specific people. Aside from that, I personally wouldn't have posted it if it had Ron Paul's name anywhere in the memo. But instead, it mentioned Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich as alternatives. Furthermore, I also like the fact that Benton spoke out and called it "disgusting and highly inappropriate", further distancing it from Dr. Paul.

Oh well, all is moot anyway since the post was taken down. It's already hit the delegates though. I appreciate the reply, take care.