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Public Policy Poll left out RP in their choices in poll I just took

Just wanted to let you know I just took a poll done by Public Policy Polling. Among their questions was one along the lines of 'If Romney is not the nominee, who would you choose among the following:' Rand Paul was among the list (and whom I chose since he was the best of the lot, although in a previous question I said my view of him was unfavorable). Other names they were throwing out were Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Tim Pawlenty...almost every name under the sun - except current candidate Ron Paul! Not a choice, not a mention, he doesn't exist. (Okay, GJ wasn't mentioned either, though that doesn't matter to me so much. He deserves mention more than non-candidates like Palin or Christie).

Before the 'if not Mitt then who' question, the first part of the poll was about who I'd pick for Mitt's VP - again every name under the sun except Ron.

Anybody else take this poll? I'm going to call them and complain when I can get a real person there.

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