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Ocean Privatization

Can anyone please explain how this would work, and why it would be beneficial? I am slightly confused. Thank you.

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Thanks for the responses

I just put Rothbard's "For a New Liberty" on my e-reader, hopefully that will clear up anything else I don't understand on the concept.

Its actually quite brilliant

This is how it works. If you have money you have paid in for decades to the social security fund, the government agrees to deed to you 10 square miles, or more, of ocean, its yours, you own it. In exchange for the ocean property you agree not to collect any money from the social security "Trust US" fund. Oh, there is a small transaction fee, annual upkeep fee and a small annual ocean tax. All ocean parcels come with an easement, for your security and a deeded right of way.

Well regular John, here's how it would work

You see, the banksteres have buddies that get their funny money by the truckload and convince us slaves that it is wealth. Then they get to buy all the natural resources and amass REAL wealth. So, by privatizing the Oceans, we can help billionaires become zillionaires and your lords and masters. Oh yeah, it's up to us lovers of liberty to defend the right of the billionaires to defraud us all and convince ourselves and others that a free market is possible with fiat money.

Why would someone vote you down

for your comments? Goes to show that some people just don't get it. I bumped you back up.

Who Owns Water?

Who Owns Water? by Murray Rothbard