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Multiple Polls: Why Romney Cannot Beat Obama, and Ron Paul Can.

The worse news for Romney is that, as bad as these numbers are, they are even worse in the swing states where the election will be won.

The GOP base, as opposed to the establishment, is getting stabbed in the back by the establishment. What the Republican base does not understand is that the GOP establishment wants Obama. Why wouldn't they? He does everything he is told, war, bail-outs, NDAA, drones in the sky, and he gets away with it because the liberals are still on the Kool-aid. Romney would be impeached by the Libs if he did half the stuff Obama does, and gets away with.

Ron Paul, on the other hand, although not many polls exists, already beats or ties Obama. He is also competitive in the swing states.

We'll see how badly real Republicans want to beat Obama on the first ballot at the convention, after which all delegates are undeniably unbound and all bets are off.

Poll MoE Obama Romney Spread

RCP Average 48.3 44.1 Obama +4.2
CNN/Opinion 3.5 52 45 Obama +7
FOX News 3.0 49 40 Obama +9
Rasmussen 3.0 43 47 Romney +4
Gallup Tracking 2.0 46 46 Tie
Reuters/Ipsos 3.4 49 42 Obama +7
Democracy Corps 3.7 50 46 Obama +4
Pew Research 3.2 51 41 Obama +10
NBC News/WSJ 3.1 49 43 Obama +6
CBS News/NYT 3.0 46 47 Romney +1


"Media Says Ron Paul Wins Six States, Qualifying for Nomination. Romney Breaks Rules to Deny Speaking Slot."

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Can Romney win the minority

Can Romney win the minority vote? No.

Can Romney win the southern vote? No.

Can Romney win the independent vote? No.

Can Romney win the Ron Paul voters vote? No.

Can Romney win the evangelical vote? No.

Can Romney defeat Obama?


Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

These numbers must be shown to all delegates

before the convention!

These numbers are before Romney screws up even more in a debate by laughing like a psychopath at the wrong time.

A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
-- Muhammad Ali