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A Delegate Vote For Romney is a Vote For Obama

The fact that Romney trails Obama in the polls right now says it all. After everything this president has done to destroy the free market system, the poor economy, the heavy hand of an intrusive, burdensome, bloated government...he's still ahead in the polls, and that is simply insane.

How is that so? Obama has been like Jimmy Carter gone wild. Actually, Jimmy Carter looks good in comparison with Obama...at least he wasn't starting a new war every six months without the approval from the US Congress.

A vote for Romney is insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Right? It's not going to happen with Mitt. His 40% favorability mark for a presumptive republican presidential nominee is the worst since 1948!

If Mitt Romney isn't ahead in the polls by now, he never will be.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who can WIN.