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Preview of Ron Paul vs. Obama debate

It's an old video, but this needs the big level of visibility right now. Pls help embed & front-page.

Romney is KAPUT! Stick a fork in him, he's done. All polls show him sinking like a stone & even his neo-con Trotskyist base is attcking him. Get this message out to everyone, drilling in their heads that no way in hell Romney can debate Obama....let alone beat him. There is nothing to debate about between them.


[BTW, this video - although it was posted in 2008 - already has 1,036,807 views. That's quite impressive & proves that a large number of people are already aware of this important fact. We just need the delegates to be swayed right away.]

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Thanks for sharing.

Hopefully our delegates can change some "hearts and minds" in Tampa.