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Cancel Your Cable!

Cancel Your Cable: Operation "Cut the Cord"

The Average cable bill is $71 per month. If one million people were to "Cut the Cord," that would equal $7.1 MILLION per month, $7.1 MILLION out of the pockets of the lying Main Stream Media. That will send a message that we are not going to listen to their lies or buy all there stupid products that they push on us and our children.

Think about ten months that would be a whopping $710 MILLION.

Quite possibly, in the near future, you will be forced to make a financial decision whether to "Cut the Cord" or buy gas. My suggestion, "Cut the Cord" now, take that money and buy silver.

I have been cable free since BARRY was "selected," and my son and I have been healthier, happier and smarter people ever since. At first I thought it would be hard to do, but after being totally disgusted, I couldn't see myself giving these idiots my money. My son was ten at the time and he had no problem whatsoever. It got him out of the house and made him more creative, instead of been drenched with mind numbing Alpha waves.

So.....go ahead...."Cut the Cord". You Can do it! Stop paying for your own enslavement!

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Cables so over rated

between broadband internet and airwaves, I'm good.

I will

I will as soon as Fox censors the Doc in 2008 ;)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I stopped TV back in 1995

and, interestingly enough, many RP supporters have also declined using the Television. I think everyone would be much better off disconnecting from television, period. Just think, people might start talking to each other!



in 1986

already did it...

already did it...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

I did it years ago

I told them when they covered the NDAA, WTC7, and gave me the option of not supporting million dollar sports salaries I would come back. They never called.

I cancelled my cable 8 weeks ago.

I don't even miss watching the Olympics. Internet news gives me the highlights and video replays, and I get the bonus of not having to listen to fuggin' Bob Costas and his insipid blathering. Oh, the joy of it!

It would be 71 million per

It would be 71 million per month.

Recheck your Math!

71 x 1,000,000 = 71 million / month!

If you used 100k subscribers instead of a million...then your math would be correct!


Yeah, I was hoping you wouldn't catch was kinda a typo. The $710 million is correct tho.

I hope many people join you in this

Television is nothing but bad. I am always so happy when my 2 year old daughter calls Thomas the train "choo-choo" or Elmo "red bear" when someone shows her tv things (her 2 year old cousin knows all the trains by name and wants everything associated with it--he has a tv in his house). I enjoy that people think we're strange because my daughter doesn't know or care about these things. I, unlike them, can walk through a toy isle or grocery store without being begged for some tv character or foodstuff. And beyond that, the programming isn't happening to her. She is learning to be human from humans and hasn't been warped by seeing endless violence, sex and destruction. I can only ever hope to overcome my own programming, but I can give my daughter the gift of not getting it in the first place.

I wish everyone who claims to be awake would see that the main instrument of destruction in our society has been the television and take appropriate action. I really don't care how much money the media gets or doesn't get, I care that a culture of consumerism and death is portrayed and delivered to impressionable minds as reality and as a result becomes reality. We feed our children a steady diet of violence and turmoil and then wonder why they feel depressed or become violent or fear the world around them.

Folks, don't just cancel your cable. Throw the tv in the trash and be done with it. You and your family will be much happier and the world of tv will become more and more distant.

You are my Parrot

This is the message that needs to be spread far and wide. Good for you and your daughter!!

Returned my Cable Box

And on a good note, I was pleased to see a line of others with their cable boxes in hand, apparently returning theirs as well. :)

These companies

are increasingly becoming only a pipe to the internet. Soon we will be able to pick and choose any channel from any provider much like websites if you have the vision. I am in the process of moving my phone from fios voip to a company of my liking and I will do the same with tv as soon as it is possible. I learn a tremendous amount from tv, there are good channels out there, I enjoy it. Cutting the chord is not a solution. Until we have open mesh (peer to peer) the chord is the pathway to all things.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,

The Cord

The chord is a ONE WAY pathway into your house and into your mind with lies, half truths and manipulations. The pathway is already decided for you my limiting what channels are put on and what is put on each channel....where is your freedom of choice? You are limited to their choices. Even when you research real history, and find out the truth, you find out even the history channel is full of crap. Cutting the Cord is not ONLY a is a message!!

Cable is voluntary

and I do have a say in what they supply me with. I can watch channels of lies or truths, that's up to me to find and evaluate. Technology moves forward with or without you, and almost always makes life better.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,

Critical thought

Is what seperates tv from internet. When u seek instead of wait to be told.. It requires a brain. I learned more since the internet age than I did in 18 yrs of being told.


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I just got cable a couple of months ago

My choice is cable or dial up and dial up is unstable. On dail up I learned to develope patience, as it took minutes to load a page on DP, could not watch any YouTubes, and of I lost a connection, all was lost. When I get rid of cable, I toss the puter too.

After all, the puter is global. Any connection is tied into the gloabl net.

I think he is refering to cable television.



I never had a TV, so I don't know.

what cable?

what cable?

Alas, I have never had cable.

I feel like a sinking ship with nothing to throw overboard.

Cable-less for 7 on Roku since 3/12. With Netflix for

$8/mo, can't beat that (plus countless FREE channels like RT, Press TV, France 24, Al-Jazeera, Euronews, Sky News, BBC, NHK, NASA Channel, ABC Australia, CBC, Trigger Talk, MHz, Democracy Now, Free Speech TV, TED, UStream, Justin TV, Livestream, Popcornflix, Crackle, Vanguard, Crunchyroll, Lost World Films, NBA Lite, Anime Vice, K Drama, iFood TV, Beach TV, Florida Channel, Atlanta Channel, New Orleans TV, Mummy Box, Tune In, Pandora and the rest of the repulsive MSM: CNN, CNBC & CNBC World, MSNBC, Fox, Bloomberg West & Int'l which I barely watch, etc). Add $30/mo for high speed dsl/wifi, which includes access to this fine website of Liberty called Daily Paul, and I'm a...happy camper.

RP Supporters

I am sure that every true supporter of Dr Paul has waken up to the corruption of our forth branch of government we call the Main Stream Media. We know its the mouth piece of the two party system. That's why I say it should be easy for us to cut the cable off, if not for a few months. Try it and you might realize that you really CAN live without send a very costly message to MSM.

Cable is included in our rent,,,but,

The TV rarely comes on. I occasionally watch a sporting event but those are getting rough to sit thru now too. The TV is mostly used to hold up my wireless router and a place for me to hang my towel after I get out of the shower :)

But, I LOVE YOUR IDEA! And like the others...I'm schocked at how much my attitude and outlook on life has changed since I nixed the idiot box. It's amazing!


Sports......Bread and Circus.

I agree it is rough to sit thru anymore....I do miss my Atlanta Braves. They were a part of my life for over thirty years....I'll start watching again when we get our country back!!

Definitely did that a couple years back!

What would be nice would be to have a $50 smart phone with a $10/mo service plan. Like the $99 laptop.

I think city-wide taxpayer funded, high speed, wireless internet might not be a bad decision to make locally too, instead of some of these other expenditures.

Perhaps it could be tried in a small town. It may prove cheaper and more efficient to distribute laptops to each kid and provide an internet connection rather than operating a traditional school building, with all the sports, entertainment, and babysitting.

Most of us have seen this right?!

I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!

Phone, Internet

I fired Verizon two years ago when I found out they on the CFR list. I refuse to give money to any of these globalist. I haven't been to Walmart or McDonalds in the last two years as well. Won't buy Coke or Pepsi products either. I make ice tea at home with well water (no fluoride, etc.) We all have a choice....we don't have to buy crap and fund their evil. I also us Startpage and Firefox instead of Google and IE.
Didn't "BARRY" promise free wi-fi for the cities during his campaign?

Cut the cord? Throw it out

Cut the cord? Throw it out the window.

scawarren's picture

Mines been gone since 2008 :)

Mines been gone since 2008 :)

It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. – Mark Twain
Real patriotism is a willingness to challenge the government when it's wrong. - Ron Paul