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Cancel Your Cable!

Cancel Your Cable: Operation "Cut the Cord"

The Average cable bill is $71 per month. If one million people were to "Cut the Cord," that would equal $7.1 MILLION per month, $7.1 MILLION out of the pockets of the lying Main Stream Media. That will send a message that we are not going to listen to their lies or buy all there stupid products that they push on us and our children.

Think about it....in ten months that would be a whopping $710 MILLION.

Quite possibly, in the near future, you will be forced to make a financial decision whether to "Cut the Cord" or buy gas. My suggestion, "Cut the Cord" now, take that money and buy silver.

I have been cable free since BARRY was "selected," and my son and I have been healthier, happier and smarter people ever since. At first I thought it would be hard to do, but after being totally disgusted, I couldn't see myself giving these idiots my money. My son was ten at the time and he had no problem whatsoever. It got him out of the house and made him more creative, instead of been drenched with mind numbing Alpha waves.

So.....go ahead...."Cut the Cord". You Can do it! Stop paying for your own enslavement!

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No TV since 1995

Since shows like P'unkd can last 9 years it looks like I haven't missed much.

I haven't paid for cable in

I haven't paid for cable in over 8 years.

The Revolution Continues..