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What is looming in America's near future if one of the GLOBALIST Rep or Dem SOCIALIST deceivers delays our R3VOLUTION any longer

If one thinks that, with what follows below, I'm spitting on my own country and its People, then one got it UTTERLY wrong.

No, of course, I feel for my people. I feel for my 1000 year old country and culture, but I can't help to denounce the infamy that the French have allowed to occur ... AGAIN.

For once, I can be very lazy : it is enough I just provide factual content links on what's up / what's going on with those TRAITORS planners' agenda now being implemented before my eyes :


Oh and yes, for a more recent news probably already posted :


This man has been quoted several times in various media as stating publicly :

"I don't like the rich."

How dare he insulting ON RECORDS ! the intelligence of his own people with such a NON SENSICAL, ENVIOUS, DIVIDING statement ?!

Monsieur Hollande : champion ALL CATEGORIES of the most DESPICABLE ARROGANT HYPOCRISY in Flesh and Bones, who doesn't even care about hiding any better his ENVY THAT GREW all along his meaningless, useless "career".

You can be A VERY PROUD ACTOR, CROOK, THIEF, CON ARTIST and ... French President these days.

I'm sorry for what seems to be, in the form, outraged name calling ... but it isn't.

I am really calling a cat "a cat".

You know, just as Ron Paul has been naming for such a long time : TAXATION = THEFT.

God Bless America. God Spare France.

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So... Who is the French Ron Paul?

If you don't have one, be one!