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Tricking Students to Register Republican

Just got this email from one of my old TA's at UCR. Apparently the Republican Party is so worried about losing its base that it is tricking students into registering Republican. (I registered republican to vote for Ron Paul In our primary)

Currently there are two men (and maybe more) on UCR's campus tricking students into registering as Republicans. They care posing as students doing a project for a political science course and are asking students to help them out by registering. When I explained that I was already registered, one of the men asked me to register again so that he could get full credit for the assignment. Then he tried to get me to submit my information and sign my name to register, handing me a Republican voter registration form. At no point had the men mentioned a party affiliation. I explained that I didn't want to register as a Republican, and he said that is the only choice "today" and "it doesn't really matter" because "the election isn't until November" (and then he provided the incorrect date) and I could always "switch back." Posing as students engaged in a class project is fraudulent and disturbing. Currently the men are in the grassy area outside of the Humanities Building, although there may be others throughout the campus.

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