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Meme #1 Shot Down: "Well Chris, By Voting For Paul, You Are Effectively Voting For Obama."

Reagan Bush Bush Dole Bush Bush McCain.

That is my presidential voting record. Some of those votes, like Reagan in 1984 and George Bush, in 2000, were whole-hearted endorsements. (Believe it or not, George Bush campaigned in 2000 about a "humble foreign policy" and "America should lead by example" and "America should not be the policeman of the world".) (All direct quotes from him at that time.)

But then after holding my nose from previous votes for Dole (yawn) and the elder Bush (a war criminal) and then having to vote for GW Bush in 2004 (another war criminal starting in March, 2003), and then again for McCain in 2008...well that was the last straw, and my last "grudge vote", ever.

Never again.

This year, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, then I will write him in.

The only--ONLY--way that I would vote for Romney, was if Romney adopted SUBSTANTIALLY the same platform as Dr. Paul. Now we all know THAT is not going to happen...because Goldman Sachs...won't let that happen.

Romenyites tell me then "Well Chris, by voting for Paul, you are effectively voting for Obama."

And what I tell them back is that, on that thought, they need to look into the mirror...and then after they look in the mirror, they can place the further blame (besides their own) (on Obama's imminent re-election)...squarely where it belongs: the RNC Establishment!

The RNC has stopped at nothing in an attempt to shove an NDAA/indefinite detention-supporting, Bankster-backed candidate down the throats of liberty-loving Americans...when we don't want him!

And it is a sad, sad day that both...BOTH presidential candidates, including "that guy", Governor Romney but also President Obama...are "NDAA/indefinite detention-supporting, Bankster-backed candidates."

How has it come to this to where--just like in the cereal aisle at the grocery, where you can purchase 100 different variations of the same sugary, nutritional voids over and over again, all by the same parent company--how is it that there are not better choices for presidents, than this?

[Well, there IS a better choice...a MUCH better choice. But the RNC Establishment is too dim to understand that.]

So if Obama (another war criminal!) gets re-elected, don't blame us for voting for Dr. Paul, who is, for you Republicans, the only TRUE conservative and, for you Democrats, the only TRUE civil libertarian/classical liberal...in the race.

Blame it squarely on the extinction-causing tactics of that out-of-touch, has-been dinosaur, called the Republican National Committee, and their groupthink apparatchiks who are forcing upon the ever-growing liberty movement in America...someone they don't want!!

For Freedom,

Norfolk, VA

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Try this argument

I have often heard many Republicans complain about the only reason a lot of African Americans voted for Obama was simply because they were the same skin color. I do not know how true this is but I do know that most Republicans I have talked to do not like Romney but are simply voting for him just because he is on the Republican ticket. Maybe you can use this example to show them how hypocritical they are being when that is there only reason for voting for Romney.

True Paulers are Founding Members of the Do It Now Club!

The Internet is a God-given freedom gift and we must use it for the best route of our country! With it, we should give no thought to the self-defeating behavior of the "presumed" NRP.(That last one was a joke, son! - a spoof at the NRP, for breaking its own rules, as in anointing Mitt Romney the "presumed".)

One of the smaller dragons in our way is the fact that one cannot embarrass either a dangerous crime syndicate nor a lone sociapath. They just don't embarrass! Thousands of these have been grabbing dictatorship roles since the beginning of time, while innocents are transformed into helpless serfs, wondering what happened. This condition is said to be genetic but is well-disguised by the hazardous person, who, as early as childhood recognizes those like himself.

The above are thoughts from an article on the well-known site, Lew Rockwell.com. I also learned about difficult nuts to crack from my years of letter writing for Amnesty, International: that one cannot "embarrass" a dictator, but thousands of letters can render him/her extremely shakey, to himself and his supporters.

There are cliques in the US, who, woosey-happy-drunk with fiat money and idiot-box power, tell lies to themselves: that any God-given conscience is just a pesky time-waster of, say, the NRP/MSM's own magical powers.

IMHO, a better plan would be to place energies on spreading Ron Paul's "prescription" for as far as the eye can see. In Sunday School, you may have memorized "Resist not evil, but overcome evil with good." I believe Dr. and Mrs. Paul carry this teaching deep in their hearts! If you are a Standing Firm, with a "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" (forgive French ~ this is a quote and there is no better way to say it) Ron Pauler, and employ the founders' values of work and prayer, Dr. Paul will prevail and become President Paul in January, 2013!

The time is now! Do not believe baby steps are not effective! Your comic relief is Dr. Paul's delegates will do well to be be clothed as clones of June and Ward Cleaver. If that's what it takes for RP moles with a mission hanging out among the Romneyites, who may arrive with bags of money and faux or misinformed innocence, it's the territory. We know Dr. Paul is consistent! We know Dr. Paul is accurate and stubborn! God bless all accurate, stubborn people!

Easy to say from my present Texas airconditioned splendor: but, stay cool in Tampa! RON PAUL 2012!

Mary 4 RP


I agree with it all...

Bad food, worse weather, please rEVOLution the states so I can bring my family back home!
Rosa Koire for for President!

Why do you think...

... the political establishment has been pounding the "ANYONE BUT OBAMA!" theme so hard?

In a system where people settle for the lesser of two evils, the STANDARD is set by the WORST candidate.

That's not a voting strategy, its a PLAN to FAIL.

The Virtual Conspiracy

How do you guys handle

small business owners or sympathizers who swear that Obama is strangling small businesses (which I agree with) and Romney will make all that better? I am a Ron Paul baby compared to some of you... only been a true fan for about a year and have been reading non-stop but I'm not sure how to rebut that.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

I am a small business owner

I have heard Romney mention that he was going to help small business and I commend that attitude. Since small business is the major employer in the country, if you really want to address the jobs issue, small business is vitally important. HOWEVER I have yet to hear any specifics from Romney as to how or what he would do. IMHO its just a call out to pander to a constituency group. I could fill this whole page with what could be done, but I will defer to the only ones that know how this economy functions and what is needed to correct it, and that is Ron Paul and Peter Schiff.

Also done with the false dichotomy


That's my record. I was moving from Arkansas to Michigan in November 1992, so I escaped voting for Clinton, which I probably would have done at the time. The only time I remember being really enthused was Bush 2004. I had bought his lies hook, line, and sinker. I was ripe for the Arab bogeyman lie, because I had taught at a Muslim school and saw how much they hate America. Now, of course, I see that they may have had some good reasons for their hatred.

I think having already switched from Left to Right made me more reluctant to give up the Right as being "right". Gosh, what if
neither one of them are correct? Then we are really in trouble!

My mom told me this morning that Romney had selected Ron Paul as his VP. I told her that may be the only thing that would get me to vote for Romney. Then when I discovered that it was her hearing loss and not reality that resulted in this report, I am now firmly in the "none of the above" camp.

It's not an "effective" Obama vote

your just allowing one more person vote for Obama and not cancelling it out.

You are allowing more Obama votes. If you don't think there's a difference btwn Elena Kagan and Antonin Scalia, that's your problem not mine.

Allowing Obama to win isn't a good idea at all.

All the guys you voted for are "war criminals" why is it only now that you think you're gonna stop and allow Obama a certified US Citizen assassin win?

Makes no sense.

Vote however you want, I'll pull for Romney...even after I Maxed out my campaign donations to Ron Paul.


Lessor of two evils every four years accomplishes nothing

In the end you get the same thing. If you never make any attempt to get what you want by voting for what you do not want. Only a fool would do that. y changing society by standing up for what you believe in your total life. Be a part of of the community that changes society through non-political means; that is education, Fully Informed Jury Association, Agorism, Alternate Appropriate technologies etc. Obviously we have to work from the ground up to spread the message of Liberty and we must see that the political system is to totally corrupt.


sharkhearted's picture

I told you the condition upon which I would vote for Romney

Please go back and read my post.

I also included Obama on that "war criminal" list, where,--with Libya, his betrayal of his promise to end the Afghan War, and, as you so rightly point out, his unprecedented and unconstitutional secret kill/assassination powers--he most certainly most belongs.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

anyone but romney

I would rather mutilate my own genetalia than vote for mitt romney
PS and I really really don't want to do that

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
Albert Einstein

Listen to all you sleeping

Listen to all you sleeping people.... Talking about which button you will push on that electronic voting machine.... WAKE UP!

If you have not noticed it doesn't matter if you vote for Romney, Obama, or Mickey Mouse... They will flip the vote however they see fit...

You all act like this is a fair system and your vote will be counted! Have you all just joined the Paul supporters? Did you miss Iowa and everything that followed?

PLEASE WAKE UP.... Until we change these machines our votes don't appear to count.

Here was my answer...

... to my brother-in-law who posed the same problem for me at our family reunion last week.

"But isn't a vote for anyone but Romney a vote for Obama?"

No, for the following reason.
There are only two rational reasons to vote for a candidate, and they are both philosophical.

1) Since you know (with a near mathematical certainty) that your single vote is NOT going to decide the election anyway, vote for the best candidate regardless of his chance of winning so that you will at least be able to send a message about your preference.

2) Vote for the best candidate because you should vote AS IF everyone were going to vote as you would.

Voting strategically in a national election is especially idiotic. The only way that electing the lesser of two evils could happen is if a lot of people voted the same way you did. But if you are going to vote as if a lot of people are going to vote the same way you will, why not vote for the best candidate?

The Virtual Conspiracy

8 more years

A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for 8 more years of Obama's policies.

I tell Republicans that tell me that throwing my vote away by writing in Ron Paul. "Since I would rather have 4 years of Obama than 8 years of Romney, would you rather I throw my vote away or vote for Obama?". It is on them to convince me to write in Ron Paul rather than do the unthinkable.

Welcome to the Club

I'm happy to say that I did not vote for any of the Republicans on your list, nor for their Democrat opponents. But I did vote, every time. I sleep better for it.

I was not convinced that Bush 2000 meant anything that came out of his mouth. Sometimes my threashold is pretty low: I just want to hear them say something I can believe they really mean...even if I disagree.

The alternatives aren't perfect, but since they usually know "they can't win" they have no incentive to lie. And, whatever their flaws, the Libertarian candidates would at least provide a counterweight to Congress.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

Then so be it.

At least I can hold my head up and not have to hold my nose when I vte.

The law cannot make a wicked person virtuous…God’s grace alone can accomplish such a thing.
Ron Paul - The Revolution

Setting a good example is a far better way to spread ideals than through force of arms. Ron Paul

Presidential Write-in Laws By State

If you are going to write in Ron Paul then you might as well know the rules . . .

Presidential Write-in Laws By State:

Please view this image that shows the rules State-by-State on Write-in votes: http://imgur.com/EF2bM

Anonymous Libertarians

Pimpin' for Gary!

Please, please NOBODY vote for Gary Johnson.



Actually, the map is good and indicates the rules for each state.

And, yes, the OP was pipin' for Gary. Even though there are some states that do allow write ins, the OP made sure to add a note that they won't count those votes! LOL

I let it be known that my state does allow write ins and does count those votes, even though they are registered on Diebold machines.
Really, those write in votes in my state might be the only ones that aren't rigged.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

"By voting for a big government tyrant..."

"You're effectively, well, voting for a big government tyrant."

"Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him?" -Thomas Jefferson

We agree again!

And I thought that was a 4.4 quake we had out here in Shakey Town, LOL!

But just like you ... I'm done. I'm never, ever voting for another semi-worthless Republican; that's 41 years of Republican voting down the drain (I guess) AND running hard for Republican Central Committee on the Liberty slate and all of us losing to the establishment candidates.

I agree with every single point you've made in your post. As soon as the RNC finishes anointing their man Romney, and I know without a doubt Dr. Paul is out, I'm switching my registration to Independent or NO PARTY PREFERENCE.

Buy gold and silver, store food and ammo, TSWHTF now for sure.

BTW ...

California allows WRITE IN votes.

Ron Paul 2012 ALL THE WAY!

Thanks, California BTW! Spread the word!

Raised in San Antonio, I left my home for Calfornia with a former husband, against my own better judgment. On to the Democrat story: I then married, for 40 years, until he went to Heaven, a wonderful stepfather to my children, who grew up in the dust bowl,and was able to survive because, he thought, of Roosevelt's New Deal (later this turned out to be a giant farce.) Transferring from the Bush frying pan into Obama's smoothtalking fire of an end to Gitmo, preemptive wars, warrantless spying on Americans, was a walk in the park or so I thought.

I became a Democrat, although my father had been the Bexar County Republican Chairman and I had my first delegate experience - with the "ex" - at the Dallas Convention in 1952. When Eisenhower was elected, Texas became a two-party state, with never a smidgen of Republicanism before!

Note: As a delegate to Ft. Worth this spring, I observed the party leadership was controlled by Neo-cons, a sad day for freedom of discourse, the media, assembly and human rights. Enuff! What next should we all do?

When Ron Paul came to my light bulb through the efforts of my son, I became a Republican, just to support Dr. Paul. Metaphor: When Brooks Brothers was owned by Brooks Brothers, the men's suits were custom-tailored and stunning. Then, these gifted tailors died and the company was auctioned off to the highest bidder. (That last was an ancient Chinese Metaphor which I made up, myself). All change is not progress but change is necessary when the floor gives way!

Keep perking in California, BTW! Keep your good work up for Dr. Paul in the beautiful Golden State! RON PAUL - 2012!

Mary 4 RP

Not a matter of the RNC being dim.

They understand the situation perfectly. It's why they've gone to such lengths to cover up Ron Paul's popularity.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

Not voting for Romney is not

Not voting for Romney is not a vote for Obama any more than not voting for Obama is a vote for Romney

Hah. Here's another counter to the fallacy:

A vote for Obama is then two votes for Obama.

Being a good politician is all about being able to hold conflicting ideas in your head. This is the tool of pathological liars who can lie without any discernible physical "tell".


That's Orwell's definition of 'Doublethink'...

That's a great way to put it.

That's a great way to put it.

My response is

that I was perfectly clear that I would not be voting for the lesser evil and many others were, too. (if you can even call it the lesser evil anymore)

The GOP rank and file decided to bank on us giving in to the old "but you can't let the other guy win" line and went right ahead and nominated evil anyway. It's their fault that they thought they were calling my bluff when it was the truth.

Next time, put up someone I can vote FOR. Stop banking on that old cliche. That cliche is why nothing can change. We've called shenanigans on it and join us or participate in nothing changing for the good.

Mitt Romney was never entitled to my vote. I'm taking nothing away by not voting for him and giving nothing to Obama. You've made your Establishment bed, now lie in it.

Defend Liberty!

My list so far

1. No it's not, that's just manipulative #$%^ that people say to get you to do what THEY want you to do.
2. Well, with Diebold, anything's possible.
3. No, it's not, it's just easier to blame me than it is to look in the mirror and know YOU sold out.
4. You should really stop watching so much tv.
5. You shouldn't repeat stupid ####.
6. A vote for the lesser of two evils is a vote made in fear, good luck with that.
It depends on how I feel as to how indignant I get.