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Meme #1 Shot Down: "Well Chris, By Voting For Paul, You Are Effectively Voting For Obama."

Reagan Bush Bush Dole Bush Bush McCain.

That is my presidential voting record. Some of those votes, like Reagan in 1984 and George Bush, in 2000, were whole-hearted endorsements. (Believe it or not, George Bush campaigned in 2000 about a "humble foreign policy" and "America should lead by example" and "America should not be the policeman of the world".) (All direct quotes from him at that time.)

But then after holding my nose from previous votes for Dole (yawn) and the elder Bush (a war criminal) and then having to vote for GW Bush in 2004 (another war criminal starting in March, 2003), and then again for McCain in 2008...well that was the last straw, and my last "grudge vote", ever.

Never again.

This year, if Ron Paul is not on the ballot, then I will write him in.

The only--ONLY--way that I would vote for Romney, was if Romney adopted SUBSTANTIALLY the same platform as Dr. Paul. Now we all know THAT is not going to happen...because Goldman Sachs...won't let that happen.

Romenyites tell me then "Well Chris, by voting for Paul, you are effectively voting for Obama."

And what I tell them back is that, on that thought, they need to look into the mirror...and then after they look in the mirror, they can place the further blame (besides their own) (on Obama's imminent re-election)...squarely where it belongs: the RNC Establishment!

The RNC has stopped at nothing in an attempt to shove an NDAA/indefinite detention-supporting, Bankster-backed candidate down the throats of liberty-loving Americans...when we don't want him!

And it is a sad, sad day that both...BOTH presidential candidates, including "that guy", Governor Romney but also President Obama...are "NDAA/indefinite detention-supporting, Bankster-backed candidates."

How has it come to this to where--just like in the cereal aisle at the grocery, where you can purchase 100 different variations of the same sugary, nutritional voids over and over again, all by the same parent company--how is it that there are not better choices for presidents, than this?

[Well, there IS a better choice...a MUCH better choice. But the RNC Establishment is too dim to understand that.]

So if Obama (another war criminal!) gets re-elected, don't blame us for voting for Dr. Paul, who is, for you Republicans, the only TRUE conservative and, for you Democrats, the only TRUE civil libertarian/classical liberal...in the race.

Blame it squarely on the extinction-causing tactics of that out-of-touch, has-been dinosaur, called the Republican National Committee, and their groupthink apparatchiks who are forcing upon the ever-growing liberty movement in America...someone they don't want!!

For Freedom,

Norfolk, VA

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Love it!

Thank you for putting it so clearly!

"they need to look into the mirror...and then after they look in the mirror, they can place the further blame (besides their own) (on Obama's imminent re-election)...squarely where it belongs: the RNC Establishment!"

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Thank you Ashley!

I appreciate that.

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


That statement is so backwards. Actually Obama and Romney agree on just about everything. It should say "A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama."

Obama is better than Romney

4 more years is better than 8. if not Paul, than Gary Johnson and if Obama wins that is better to us than if Romney wins,

I'm now angrier at the GOP than Obama

In 2008, I stood outside my polling place from sunrise to sunset with a home-made McCain sign, urging people not to vote for Obama. I've witnessed the Obama administration do some abominable things, and getting out from under this administration has been my light at the end of this 4 year tunnel.

But when Thomas Jefferson in the flesh is standing right in front of you, with a deep understanding of economics, foreign affairs and honestly knows how to turn this ship around, you take advantage of this miracle. For God's sake, the worst thing this sweet man has done is eat too many chocolate chip cookies.


The GOP has spat in this precious man's face, and in turn, they have spat in the face of the American people and our entire history. Somehow, this is even more atrocious than everything Obama has done. It's like if the American Association for Cancer Research discovered the cure for cancer was kale leaf extract, but then proceded to eradicate and outlaw the kale species. The blood is now on their hands. By these actions, the old-guard GOP establishment has superseded Obama as my enemy.

So unless they see the light and turn from their ways, myself and millions of others have no choice but to withdraw our support as our only means to return this country back to the constitutional republic the GOP was supposed to hold dear.

I agree, the RNC has now proven they are *worse* than Obama,

as bad as he is. They are 'the scum of the earth', at least the DNC does not purport to be 'the party of smaller government'. So, at least on the hypocrisy count, they are at least a little worse. (although one could make a good case for the equality of hypocrisy because of the DNC's anti-war platform and Obama's prevaricating on withdrawal of troops and ceasing the wars of 'terrorism)'. It reminds me of a certain breast cancer organization that tries to bury the truth concerning 1) mammograms and x-rays effect on tissue, and 2) the propensity of women who undergo a certain surgical procedure being far more likely to later have breast cancer.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

This days I would answer to

This days I would answer to the critics very calmly:
Vote for Romney IS vote for Obama, beacuse there is no a pinch of dust difference between both them.

You echo my mind

I was so disgusted with the Republicans, especially with Bush Senior dragging us into the Gulf War that in 2000 I voted for Al Gore out of desperation. Yeah, really, really stupid, but I did not know about Ron Paul then. After 9/11 I wasn't going to vote ever again for any President.

But then I found Dr. Paul, who cured me of my apathy.

A write-in vote for him may seem wasted in the perspective of a political horse race, but for my peace of mind doing the right thing is more important than doing the smart thing.

Besides, being able to say "I told you so." afterward is priceless.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

My name says it all

No 1 but Paul

Our country is cereal void of nutrition

How has it come to this to where--just like in the cereal aisle at the grocery, where you can purchase 100 different variations of the same sugary, nutritional voids over and over again, all by the same parent company--how is it that there are not better choices for presidents, than this?

Good point. Is the illusion of choice still a valid choice? This seems to be a recurring theme within our country, not just in politics. Go across the entire spectrum of industry and you will find the same examples time and time again. This isn't just about politics, this is truly about a complete overhaul of our country when everything wasn't dominated by a few multinational corporations. Everything is connected.

Aisle Of The Dead

. . .is the cereal aisle, there's nothing living there. Same with the RNC/GOP - they are on that same aisle.

To my shame, your voting record echo's mine. . .except I couldn't hold my nose hard enough to vote for "It's My Turn Now" Dole. I don't remember who I voted for - but it wasn't him or the democRAT.

To my conscience - which feels good, I made your oath at the last presidential election - NEVER AGAIN will I vote for "evil" whether it is lesser or more.

Like you - I will write Ron Paul's name on my ballot. On the off chance that I may need it - because the RNC continues with their Romney epic FAIL - I have my "WRITE IN RON PAUL" bumper sticker. ;)

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. ~Thomas Jefferson

“It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie...the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

What to Say When Someone Says A Vote for Paul is a Wasted Vote

I tell them they have it backwards: a vote for the 'presumptive winner' in an election is the wasted vote, not the other way around.

Simply, if Romney is going to win anyway, why bother taking the effort to drive to the polling place etc.? Heck, if Romney et al does win you 'winning team bandwagon jumpers' can still claim you voted for the winner and get to join in the fun like with Obama in '08.

If someone tells you they're voting Romney, suggest to them they go home and get a nap in since their boss has to let them leave work and go 'somewhere' on voting day...

Am I being devious or just too honest?

P.S. Bart Simpson had a similar experience when he lost the class president race by a vote of 1 to 0 when even he couldn't bother to make the effort. Ha ha.


Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

I think the election is rigged

but just in case it's not, let me explain, the strategy has been to take over the GOP. Therefor, our fight is primarily with the GOP. It's my opinion that a Romney loss will be vindication for the Ron Paul RevoLution. We can send an ultimatum to the idiot establishment Republicans, either nominate a genuine liberty candidate or we will see to it that you will lose every presidential election from now to eternity, you SOBs, our numbers are growing and it will only get worse for the GOP. So I would almost suggest voting for the scumbag Obombya, that's an individual decision depending on whether or not you have the stomach for it, simply because my main priority is a Romney loss for the reasons just stated and of course because he is just as bad as Obombya if not worse.

The way I see it

If you are not voting for Ron Paul you are voting for Obama....see I can do it to.

Same Logic ...

... Better choice!

My voting record is identical - but with a Ford and another

Reagan representing two previous elections.

I am embarrassed sometimes to admit I voted for McCain in the last election. I am quite sure that he would have been even MORE of a warmonger than Obama has been. As incredible as that might seem. I am sure that we would have already established a no-fly zone in Syria and would even have boots on the ground.

There really were no good choices offered by either major party in the last election and it looks like that might be the case in this election as well.

So I will register my vote with a third party this year for the very first time if Ron Paul is not on the ballot. Gary Johnson will have one from me.

I respect your decision Chris.

................................... But, I no longer share it.

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Dear Chris,First off : your

Dear Chris,

First off : your post makes perfect sense (to me, anyway).

But can I just share something with you ?

Even if such a fallacious (IMO) statement ( "Well Chris, By Voting For Paul, You Are Effectively Voting For Obama." ) were a priori *logically* and, a posteriori, *factually* true :

who REALLY cares ?

Who cares, that -- by sticking to your guns and staying in the camp of Liberty, Freedom, Justice, Faith in the Oath to the Constitution, the camp of WHAT AMERICA WAS FOUNDED BY AND FOR to begin with -- you'd give Obama a win against **Romney AND Ron Paul** ?


Who cares that -- SHOULD YOU EVEN choose to compromise by going for Romney, who'd VERY LIKELY disregard Ron Paul ANYWAY after his win -- you'd give Romney a win against **Obama AND Ron Paul** ?

By sticking to your faith in the ONLY INCORRUPTIBLE as regard to America's principles and its People, here's what YOU WIN **FOR SURE** :

1. in the short, mid- AND long term, to be able to look at yourself in a mirror with pride and a secured hope in the future (crooks, once busted, never make it on the long distance, even in politics)

2. in the mid- OR long term, thanks to our legendary resilience, Liberty and the Constitution restored with or without Ron Paul, because it's A REVOLUTION : Ron Paul's legacy is ALREADY going way beyond past him.

3. in the short term, because history is also full of bad surprises sometimes for the most machiavelic politicians themselves ... you might as well just get Ron Paul elected, eventually, it's always a possibility with a nowhere near zero probability ... remember also the formidable bias a bought MSM is expected, by the crooks, to incur by choosing to not report, or just downright overlooking, what is ACTUALLY happening in the People.

Thru, By, and For The People.

Your People is too big and has tasted Liberty and the Constitution for too long up until 1913 to have already completely forgotten what it is about.

Stay genuine, positive, and resilient folks.

THAT is my faith in *YOUR* success with LIBERTY.

NEITHER Romney OR Obama.

LIBERTY ONLY. In 2012, LIBERTY as a man just happens to be named :



"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius

Our fellow Americans are brainwashed zombies.

Very hard to reverse in an election cycle, especially when they have the propaganda IV in their arm 24/7. At this point we need a 10.0 political earthquake to shake people out of their sleep.

There really isn't much time left..

I don't expect that there will be any 2016.. America is effectively finished. There are just far too many ignorant and stupid americas waiting for Santa Claus to pass out the goodies..

Sheep for the slaughter and they WILL be slaughtered...

Better prepare for hell to arrive at your doorstep..

Just Say No

to Rombama

I would bet that if Dr Paul was asked,

'Do you think Romney is really better than Obama?' He would probably state, No, Constitutionally Romney's 'record' and what he claims to support is really the same as Obama. And, he might also argue, Romney's ties with the Banksters in his private career, could be even worse in the destruction of the middle class, through his alliance with the Corporatist State. Here, is an excellent example from economist Paul Craig Roberts on how both sides are clueless about the political system

Dr. Paul has already said that

I remember him being asked that very question, I think by Wolf Blitzer and Ron said that Mitt and Obama were about the same on all issues and there really is no difference.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

He said he

thought Romney might be a little better than Obama.

Ron Paul: Romney would be ‘marginally’ better than Obama, not ‘100 percent different"

"Paul added that his warning is “not so much that [Romney] doesn’t have better ideas” than Obama. He said the “one area” where Romney might be definitively better is “on the tax issue.”


Ron Paul on The Laura Ingraham Show - 5/3/12

If Paul is not a choice I say

If Paul is not a choice I say vote Obama.... That gives us a shot at the white house in 2016.... If somehow Romney wins it would be 2020 before we have the same opening.... Just my thoughts....

Your point well taken, Obama and Romney are joined at the hip.

If the "we'll get drones to murder children and their parents" fellow, our Dictator-in-Chief makes use of the bully pulpit to win, we will still have 2016, when Congressman/Dr.Ron Paul, at eighty, will be in ten times better shape, mentally, physically and spiritually than any candidate half his age. If the sheepers vote Obama's twin brother in, it could possibly be eight more years, with citizens programed to think it is normal to be persecuted by taxes, endless wars and the loss of buying power, privacy and freedom. I'm willing to bet the farm that once in, Dr. Paul's leadership can sway even a bribed and out-of-control Congress.

Mary 4 RP

At first I say, no, I'd never vote for Obama

On a second thought, I say, I'd never EVER vote for Obama.


If Romney wins ...

... we work on the Dems. Freedom is popular, after all, and crosses all boundaries. Since so many democrats crossed over to become a Republican, I won't mind crossing over myself to support a Ron Paul Democrat.

We win when BOTH parties are liberty-minded and conscious of the true Constitution.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

If we go beyond the two-party paradigm

We'd vote for the personal merit of each individual candidate, NOT for the party belonging. Once the good intentioned candidates become integral parts of the (almost occult) RNC and DNC, most all become aparatchiks of the System. The same system with two names, RNC and DNC, which is based on the "divide and conquer" principle. The Founding Fathers tried to warn America about the dangers of the 2-party system; John Adams and George Washington in particular.

Out of Touch

When I became a delegate for Dr Paul here in the state of Georgia, (I know, I know, one of the most neo-con states) and as I walked around the courthouse where the meeting was, there was nothing but little old, grey headed people walking around with canes, wearing their "NEWT" buttons. I mean no disrespect, but these people are still living in Eisenhower's day. The can not grasp the reality of how close we are to losing this country because of actions of both the Repub. AND the Dems. They just keep playing the same perpetual sophomoric game of the phony choices we are offered