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RFID Cards Are A Comin' (to Students)

I am a student that will be going to a high school in the Northside District in Texas. I just got a letter in the mail notifying me that the school will be starting the "Student Locator Project." Basically, every student is given a RFID Card that they will have to wear the whole school day. With these cards, the students can be tracked while they are on the campus. They also will not be able to get a school-provided meal or check out a book from the library without showing their card.

Yeah.... this is bad. It seems to me that they're doing this to get the young kids all cozy and OK with the inevitable push for a National ID chip. Oh, and of course, they're doing all of this in the name of "safety." Just thought you guys might want to hear about this.

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Will it also be scanned

for the library and lunch (like a SAM'S card, etc.)? If so, you couldn't zap it, could you? I like the aluminum foil idea.

Safety...so there is a problem with kids missing? Who is losing the kids? The schools? The parents?

Sounds kinda chaotic and harrowing (NOT!).

Can your Mom homeschool you?

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Student locator program

The particulars are there


If the gov't schools can't even keep track of your children,

how can they possibly claim to be able to educate them?

Somene must be losing money because every desk in every classrooom is not filled.



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I don' t think these cards could stand a little jolt of current.

Zap them and then just walk around wearing it like they command.

I wonder how it would survive 15 seconds in a microwave oven?

"Bend over and grab your ankles" should be etched in stone at the entrance to every government building and every government office.

Yea could destroy the card,

Yea could destroy the card, then they would probably force you to get a new one if they found out.

Keep it in aluminum foil when you have it and then you will be able to prove you didnt destroy it and they still wont be able to track you. They will be baffled by how you managed to stop them from tracking you.
Otherwise, yea, fight this.

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What if my dog ate it?

No seriously! ...what if my dog ate it and my dog then gets tracked. I hope they won't fine me for taking a dump in my neighbors lawn because it wouldn't be me!

I think high school kids will have fun with this one. I say bring it on. Teenagers will leave the ID's in their locker or at home or lose it somewhere. I can't imagine them forcing kids to wear an ID. When I was in high school I didn't even have a wallet! Gosh, sometimes I wish I was a kid...this would be fun to mess with : P

Oh, they will force you to

Oh, they will force you to wear it. If you've lost it, they force you to PAY for a new one!

yea, but how would they enforce it?

Are they going to check my pockets to make sure I have it on me? With hundreds of kids attending classes in a high school, it would be a full time job enforcing that rule. You'd need one enforcer per student.

Soon there will be lost cards and ramifications

Chips will be the only sensible way to make sure you can do things. Like social security numbers are voluntary, so will the chips. Try living without one.

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The MARK as we understand

it. That is why we grow and help others.


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Microwave the card for 2 ten second

intervals. Chip gone, card still able to be shown for lunch. Worked with the TWIC card, LoL!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.


They must have a serious problem at your school with frequently "losing students"...
Just kidding - but how people buy into the "safety" reasoning behind this stuff is totally baffling to me.

If you played "hookey" (the only reason high schools "lose" students)- couldn't students simply plant their card somewhere and pick it up later? LOL

Go To Another School

. . .or home schooling. . .what a great idea.

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Naturally many will be uncertain with chips

most will be unsure or even wary because even for people who like to go party, there's always the chance of getting busted or in trouble by the police, so many will refuse it cuz they know theyll be watched, I remember when 911 happened, the conspiracies were already widely accepted, bin laden was a CIA trained operative, and the 9/11 attacks were created to invade iraq as an excuse, word gets far, so we should be able to have results

You can't back down.

This is serious. Get your friends on board. Refuse the cards! If it were a student id card, I could understand. I have a college student id card as I'm sure all college students do and you do have to have those to check out books or buy lunch. But, the difference is my student id can't be tracked. It's only a means to let the librarian know I'm a student at my college. If the students at your school allow themselves to be trackable, they will be comfortable with it the rest of their lives. This has to be nipped in the bud.

oh my

Ya'll have to band together on the first day and put them in the microwave ovens lol




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Yes, it's bad.

Thanks for informing us that the push is on.