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Top neo-conservatives call on Obama to enter Syria internal struggle. Rand Paul blocks Appointment of Ambassador to Pakistan.

Conservatives call on Obama to establish ‘safe zones’ in Syria


62 top foreign hands. Sent a letter to Obama urging for more U.S involvement in the revolt in Syria.

Our buddy William (The Slime-ball Traitor) Kystol is one of them.
The full list is on the link. Scroll down.

While your at it here is a link of the story of Rand Paul blocking the appointment of the Ambassador to Pakistan.


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Good one Rand

I do not mean that in a snide/sarcastic way.

This emergency appointment was a disaster waiting to happen. Remember all diplomats are spies. This ambassador could be radioactive. As in, he will provoke further tension between Pakistan, the US, India, Afganistan, and China. Rand probably gave us more bought time.

That is my analysis of it.

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