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Effort to add fluoride to Portland's drinking water

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Time for action!

It looks like Mayor Adams had sided with Leonard and Fish in support of fluoridation. There will be a hearing Sept 6 and the vote will be Sept 12. There is a rally set for tomorrow 12-3pm at city hall.


Join the facebook group:


Contact your elected officials and tell them you don't want to be forcibly medicated:


I hope we get a vote on this.

It's one of the reasons why I love living here. Best tap water in the country.

The restaurants here advertise proudly serving tap water.


The water here is pretty good, about as natural and clean as tap water can be.

If they're worried about kids' teeth, I don't think changing the water is the way to fix it. Seems like a toothbrush would be a good place to start.

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don't do it Portland!

just say no

Don't drink it

It's already loaded with bleach from the water treatment plants. Might even be recycled toilet water.

Keepin' it real.