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Video: Paul Ryan Begging for TARP

Here he is caving on his "principles"


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Yes and what happened anyway?

Businesses shut down, credit was shut off, TARP went to foriegn banks, (any banks associated with aka owned by the federal reserve- tell us which ones, "NO".), TARP went to buy off media whores- NBC, ABC, CBS, NYTimes, FAUX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. TARP for you buddies, it's on the house!

This is the guy RMoney is selling as

"Captain Courageous" this very day.

Just another pandering, manipulative, chicken-shit crook.

At least Obama tells you he is going for your throat... via your anus.

What a revolting twit Ryan is

What a revolting twit Ryan is here.

What a pathetic sight. This

What a pathetic sight. This is worse than when I hear spoiled children at Walmart beg for useless junk from their parents. I seriously couldn't make it half way through the video.

He's not caving on his principles,

just revealing which ones are most important to him.