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GOP Rivals

I was reading the straw poll results at ronpaul2008.com

I was looking at the win lose draw column and see that romney and thompson are the biggest enemies to ron paul. (not by much) any ideas on how we can throw some ignorant people from those campaigns our way? And threatening to throw them overboard dont count...

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You won't win them over by calling them ignorant

At the Texas Straw Poll, I was witness to several people being ''turned off'' by RP supporters because of their (probably unintentional) ''in your face'' attitude. When we were standing in line to vote, we had to defend Ron Paul to other voters who were clearly offended by some supporters.

You can educate people kindly, being persistent is great but don't be angry, as RP repeatedly says, have fun doing this :o) Who knows, maybe Romney and Thompson themselves may end up voting for Ron Paul the rate things are going! :o)

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Strategic Vision

I think the best way to convert Romney, Thompson, or any other supporters is to continue to put out Dr. Paul's message.
Strategic Vision has issued three straight polls over the last 4 months. (There was probably a fourth at some point that I did not see.)
Paul has been at 3 percent in all of them. Yet, when they ask the question, "Do you think all U.S. combat troops should be withdrawn from Iraq within the next 6 months" over 50 % of Iowa REPUBLICANS say "yes"!
It was 53 in July, 51 in August, and is back to 53 today.