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We the people of the United States of America have turned away from what we hold dear

We the people of the United States of America have turned away from what we, as a country should hold so dear. We’ve lost track of what truly makes us American. It’s not our everyday life of consumer goods, fancy cars, cellphones or luxury homes. That doesn’t make us American and does us no good when we pass; it makes us pathetic to think material possessions are everything. What truly makes us American are the pieces of paper that allow you to hold dear your individual civil liberties and freedoms. You know the Declaration of independence, you know the constitution, or did you forget what your founding fathers and distant relatives fought for, to allow us to live to this day with freedoms. They wrote those documents to keep us protected from the rule of foreign governments, and that of an oppressive government here at home.

Now I want you to do some research for yourself. Go back to US History back in time to where you studied the constitution of the United States. Read it and realize if you hold it dear to your heart you would realize that those freedoms are slowly disappearing. Whom you may ask is taking away theses freedoms; the answer is those whom you have elected into office are who. Now I don’t fully blame you for those mistakes in which you have made for really you didn’t know any better. And that’s my greatest fear. People still are not ready to open there eyes turn off their televisions and start looking stuff up for themselves, How many times in history has the media lied to us, the answer is plenty, yet people continue to believe everything they hear, and they don’t think twice about it.

I’m proud to be part of the generation where we have the access to information at the tips of our fingertips and I bet if you were to ask how many of us watch the news you would be surprised that I bet less then 20% of us do. Yet if you look at our parents 90% watch the news and believe everything they hear without using their own brain to think is this true or not. Reporters these days don’t do their job that they were originally meant to do, now days they report on what they are told to report on and that’s it, they aren’t allowed to hold true to their values without the fear of loosing their jobs. Back in the 90’s we used to have around 40 news stations, now look at what we have today 5 major news companies. Who owns those news stations? Well lets see who bought them back in 2008 oh wait it was the 5 major banks in which were bailed out. Now let me ask you a question. If we are the ones that have to pay back the nations debt, how come the banks are the ones that are being bailed out and not the people does that make sense to you cause for shit sure it doesn’t make sense to me. If you give us money we will spend it, it’s just how we are, but we can’t spend our money without having faith that our Government will screw us. And that’s all they have done for years and years just screwed us deeper and deeper like a striped screw in a piece of wood we are. And the only way for us to be able to come loose again is if the piece of wood burns (elimination of the Central Banking System) or if we the people finally stand up and refuse to pay back the debt in which WE THE PEOPLE did not create.

You wonder why other countries don’t like us? Is it really that hard to see? Because its really quite simple we are fighting in countries in which do not pose a threat to the freedoms. We are policing the world and quite frankly PEOPLE ARE PISSED at us. Look around the world; other countries are rooting for us to fix our problems with a candidate that would restore our freedoms. You don’t see them rooting for ROMENY or OBAMA do you no they are rooting for RON PAUL because he is the only man who will stand up the corrupt POLITICIANS and the corrupt BANKING system in our country. If you look at his core values and principles and beliefs in politics you would see they so very closely resemble yours more then the other candidates. And yet you just settle for the status quoi and that my fellow AMERICAN disgusts me, you disgust me, What man can compromise his values just because he thinks the other side is better then the other my friend the grass is not greener on the other side when you compromise your principles and values its only more heart ache and more of the same. So I ask you do some research on the candidates, not follow the media hype in what they tell you but honestly do your own research, its out there and you just have to find it. And that’s the luxury that we have today is the information is at our fingertips I just hope you find it.

How can we be in other countries trying too fixing problems in which in our own country we can’t fix? We are not making allies policing the world we are only making more enemies. We can no longer support the wars we are in because they are not declared by congress. We can’t support the same old same old with the status quo. We can’t stand for loosing our freedoms in the name of security for without those freedoms we are not secure. We are puppets to the major manufacturing of useless goods. We can no longer support the destruction of our earth. Did you know that people have made water powered cars, and solar powered cars, yet you don’t see them because they do not run on oil and push money into the pockets of the rich, instead they would truly help the poor, not only not be reliable on government but to learn to be independent. WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD AND TO THINK WE CANT IS ONLY BEING SUBMISSIVE TO THOSE WHO WANT YOU TO THINK THAT. BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD AND IT WILL BE SO, DON’T LET SOMEBODY TELL YOU WELL YOU CANT DO IT OR IT WONT HAPPEN BECAUSE IN THE END IF YOU DO NOTHING, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.

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