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Time to Start Advocating Ron Paul write in on the ballot

It's become clear to me that the RNC will not allow Ron Paul a nomination on the republican ballot. Although I still believe we need to fight for that Romney's decision as Paul Ryan as his Vice Prez is the death sentence for the middle class.

Under Obama and his collectivist mentality the middle class will disintegrate and become poor due to redistribution of wealth (among many others).

Under Romney and his war mongering, feed the rich -to hell with the middle class- economic policy and Ryan throwing every red cent towards the Military Industrial Complex will spell the death knell for the middle class.

These choices are abysmal.

Therefore we need to start advocating Ron Paul write-ins on the National ballot for President of the United States.

We should start preparing now and advocate this to everyone of our supporters. We need to start spreading this message far and wide and to all the youth and independent voters who can swing our way. There just isn't any other way guys. We can't allow another Obama term or Romney election.

Ryan's economic policy is god awful and atrocious. We need to pick up on this and start bashing Ryan like Sarah Palin was bashed last time and advocate writing Ron Paul on the ballot.

Lets make this happen! For Liberty!

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Deadline was july 21 in Texas to file. Too late

Don't be so negative. Anything can happen in Tampa.