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Why doesn't Ron Paul announce his own VP choice before heading to the convention?

Saw this question in DP comments and thought it deserved its own thread.. If we wanna look like a viable alternative to Romney and in it to win it, shouldn't Dr. Paul announce his own VP choice? It would energize the community before the convention, it will make people say "wow, what if?", and it shows we're serious about winning.

What are y'alls thoughts? Who should VP be? Napolitano?


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Because it will look arrogant

Because it will look arrogant before hand and stupid IF we don't have near the delegates I am hoping we have!


"Oh jessie says I only have 100 delegates I'll just put my head in the sand and discontinue my campaign and pout.... I have no chance of winning

Ron Knows Best

Let us leave it at that.
He will have his time to announce his VP

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Not his style

Some say he has given up, because the campaign isn't calling up the armchair quarterbacks, asking for their advice of how to run things.

Dr. Paul is a humble man, a real class act. He never imposes himself on people who don't want to hear. He just keeps on speaking to those who just might be interested.

On the contrary, Romney is an arrogant goon, who craves the power so bad he can taste it. He's been trying to make a place for himself in the spotlight ever since the last election. The VP announcement is as simple as a distraction to try and win back conservatives who are frankly annoyed with him at the moment.

If no firm announcement at least float some buzz

to give us a hook to blog about, to lead into how he has six states for a nomination.

"Media Reports Paul Won Five States Needed for Nomination, Romney Breaks Rules to Deny Speaking Slot"


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Because the presidential

Because the presidential campaign has given up.


not Pauls style. It would look like he is trying to hard to remain relevant.. Paul does his thing and they do theirs... Its always been like this, then they ALL meet on the matt!
If needed, he will do it on his own time, not because someone else made a mistake so should he.
romney was pressured to do this.
Paul has time on his hands, romney doesnt.
romney camnpaign is in a tail spinnnnn.
i just know it.
they were cornered to make this selection now.
mccain picked a no body.
romney picked the most popular ESTABLISHMENT candidate.

This will backfire because romney is not capable of selecting the republican choice, because he is not republican, just like mccain isnt..

This pick will backfire, im sure of it.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Good Question



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